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Apr 21, 2007 05:27 PM

Angeli Caffe-Bad Service/Good Food Review

after looking for a nice italian lunch spot and reading all of the raving reviews i decided to set out to angeli and the journey started off on the wrong foot. after a call to the restaurant to make sure of their lunch hours, the woman who answered the phone told me what she "thought" the hours were, but didn't know for sure. then when i arrived, i automatically knew i would try the gnocci, but was served a dish that was completely different that what she said it was. i didn't mind and it was still good, but i was amazed that i wasn't told this until she arrived with the plate. the food was satisfying-the gnocci was light and perfect & the linguini with seafood was also great, but the service was shaky and i wasn't quite sure what all the hooplah about the bread is for.

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  1. I find the service lacking too. The food is okay, but not memorable and our waiter was snooty.

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      sorry, we forgot to mention the service part can be a downside to this place. we once got this lady server w/ a heavy accent who would only answer us in one or two words. everytime we asked her for anything else than the bare minimum she'd get irate. it was almost comical. other times the servers are snotty and/or forgetful when it's busy. however, i still really enjoy the food there. the bad service is in excusable but i just lower my expectations when i go there. sad.

    2. I'm with you on the service. There's one waiter in particular there who is so bad that it's almost comical. Really too bad because the food is so tasty and I love love love the pizza bread they bring out to start.