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Apr 21, 2007 05:18 PM

Quick Ming Tai Report - Outer Sunset, SF

I drove out to Ming Tai today in the Outer Sunset to try the shrimp wonton noodle soup. Thanks Lori SF and shortexact for the recommendation. Shortexact describes this soup perfectly: the broth and noodles were nothing special, but the four large shrimp wontons are excellent. I probably would only return to this place if I was specifically in the mood for shrimp wontons.

The soup took a very long time to come out - about 25 minutes. They were busy I guess, but this seemed like a long time.

We had some rice noodle rolls too, which were fine but nothing special. Are there other restaurants that make these at all times of day? I'd be looking especially for places that make them later in the day (or at night) - the ones at Ming Tai were served w/ peanut sauce and hoisin sauce.

Here's a post where I found out about Ming Tai:

One other note: there were signs up in Ming Tai announcing that they have extended their hours on Fri, Sat and Sun - they are open till 9 those days. On other days they close early.

Finally, here's a post about the dumpling place on Noriega and 21st where I went afterwards to pick up some frozen (and fresh) dumplings:

Dave MP

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  1. Dave, thanks for the report. I'm glad you enjoyed the wontons!

    That's awesome they are going to stay open later on weekends, too. Last I had been there, a couple months ago, they were still closing around 5-ish, so I guess it's a pretty new change. It'll be great to be able to get a Ming Tai fix at night also :-)

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    1. re: shortexact

      Yeah, according to the sign, the extended hours started at the end of February.

      Thanks again

      Dave MP

    2. I like the wonton dumplings at MIng Tai very much, whole shrimp-filled in the Hong Kong-style. But the noodles have been too soft the last few times.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I like Ming Tai's shrimp dumplings (shui gow) even better than their shrimp wonton. Here's a description of it from an SF blog: