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Apr 21, 2007 05:11 PM

Grocery Outlet - Melbourn Bros’ Cherry Beer - 99 cents

I am just so into this fruit beer that is just the soul of sour cherries that I thought I'd give it its own topic instead of adding it to existing GO posts.

First of all it is beautiful with a black cherry color and a light pink foam. It has a wonderful cherry smell. It tastes like pure cherries. I'm not sure if they use sour cherries, but it has that taste to it with a slight bitter edge.

Even though it has malted barley wheat, hops and yeast, don't think beer in terms of taste. Think fizzy fermented cherry juice.

I'm not sure what food it would go well with. I'm thinking maybe a smoked cheese like edam.

Here's a little blurb from a store that sells it for almost $7 a bottle ...

"Melbourn Bros. All Saints Brewery is stone built and tiny in scale with its steam engine, copper and cedar wood vessels and cobbled yard."

BeerAdvocate reviews are mainly thumbs up for this 3.40% alcohol British brew. It gets an 85 rating. No expiration date on bottle.

Also, noteworthy currently at GO this week is Juicy Juice 100% juice packs. A package of 10 is $1.99. My store has Berry, Grape, Strawberry Banana and Strawberry Kiwi. I've been using juice to make my own jello. The berry is a good flavor and I love the strawberry banana. Will go back to pick up Strawberry kiwi. Expiration date: Oct 2007

Covey Run chardonnay is still available for $1.49 a bottle ... $11.99 a case.

Hagen Daaz pints of ice cream are $1.49. Haven't tried it yet. I did try the 99 cent box of Blisscotti which sells at Raley's for $4.

It's ok. Two chocolate-dipped soft biscotti with vanilla or strawberry ice cream inbetween. It seems to use good stuff like sugar instead of HFCS and not too, too many preservatives. I enjoyed it. It satisfied my curiousity, but for me I probably wouldn't use my calories buying them again. Pleasant, but not a mind-blowing great splurge.

I did pass on the Red Rose Imitation smoked sausage. I'm not sure what makes it imitation. It is a large kielbasa like sausage in a bright red casing. I started to read the ingrediants but gave up after pork hearts. Seemed too real to me.

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  1. Santa Rosa GO had the cherry beer on Friday. The fellow who bought it said it's great.

    1. I bought two bottles of the Cherry Beer tonite, out of curiosity. Doesn't taste a lot like beer, but it has a very pleasant taste, in my opinion.

      1. Berkeley Grocery Outlet - checked last Tuesday and they did not have the Cherry Beer
        Oakland Grocery Outlet - did have the Cherry Beer yesterday.

        The find of the week for me at Oakland GO was Spectrum Eggless Vegan, gluten-free, Light CAnola Mayo, 32 ounce jar at the price of 2 jars for $1 (50 cents per jar). This is lowfat, 3.5 grams of fat per tablespoon serving. Distributed by Spectrum Organic of Petaluma. Of course, the little catch is that the date stamped on the side of the jar is April 26, 2007. Ingredients include expeller pressed canola oil and oil of rosemary.

        Both Berkeley and Oakland GO had Gordon Biersch Marzen beer in a 16 oz. plastic bottle, $3.99 for a six-pack. According to the label, it is a dry, medium-hopped auburn lager with a mildly sweet finish. I like the plastic bottle for one reason: I take a shuttle bus on my trips to GO and since the drivers know me, it's less embarassing if I don't have the sound of a dozen glass bottles clanging when I lift my bag to get on the bus.