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Apr 21, 2007 04:53 PM

Naples Tomato-not so great

My husband and I were very excited for dinner at this establishment. We visited in April and got a reservation for 730. The bar was very nice and the bartender was very helpful in choosing wine. However, our waiter was not very attentive and our dinner arrived in less than 5 minutes, which didn't give us much time to enjoy our wine or our appetizers. i think this place could be great, but service needs to be inproved. They definitely have an interesting wine list , however to do their wine tasting room, you need to purchase a card and put money on it to buy wines. The card itself is about 4 dollars, which is half a glass of wine. Unless you live locally or plan to visit a couple times, I dont know if this makes much sense. The vegetarian butternut sqaush raviolinni were very good and the antipasto bar looked very appeaing as well. A lot of food for a good price. I think we would have been more pleased if we had a different server. Would be willing to try again.


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  1. We ate there recently at dinner with a group of 5, sitting in the wine bar area, and had no problems with the service. The food was pretty good, but not exceptional; I especially liked the lasagna, but you can get similarly good lasagna for less money at other places. The self-service wine bar is fun. My wife and I bought a $50 card, for which they waive the $4 card fee, but then again we are here for 6 months of the year, and the card never expires, so I suspect we'll use it. But for a one-time visitor, your are right, you might be better off ordering by the glass.

    One thing that look really interesting but we did not try - they have an room in front where a group of nine diners can take a "cooking class" from a chef that prepares and serves a three-course meal. They do this once a week, but if you get together a group of nine diners and make a reservation, they will do it on any other night also. I believe the cost is about $35 per person, not including wine. Looked like fun.

    1. we ate there and since we are from 'italy central' (northern NJ), we were disappointed. the relationship between the food and the price is cockeyed. the food was fairly good but not exceptional...sort of what most italian home cooks make...and for that, it was overpriced. we don't mind paying when the food is exceptional but this was pretty much what any ordinary italian restaurant or italian home might serve in the NY metropolitan area . we had the lasagna which was very good but no better than my sister's or mine and certainly overpriced.