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Apr 21, 2007 04:50 PM


Finally going after several cancellations. One thing after another has precluded my first visit. Anyway, what are must haves? I know the menu has a lot to offer by virtue of the small plate idea of the restaurant. More of a carnivore than anything else. But I like anything if it is executed well....

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  1. I went in December, the menu has probably changed by now. But I enjoyed the short ribs and the potatoes au gratin a lot. Butternut Squash & Perigord Truffle Ravioli is heavenly; best ravioli I've had in my life.

    A friend of mine has heartily recommended the scallops but I've never had them.

    For dessert, the gelato and/or ice cream samplers are also great, so make sure you leave room for them. My boyfriend and I wanted to lick the bowls clean.

    1. Hi jsmitty,

      Great to hear that you are finally going! (I did remember you were able to go a few times before). I have been to both Craft and Craftsteak, so I did not quite remember where some of the things that I liked were from, but I will try my best:

      Great dishes: blue fin toro, soft shell crab, sweetbread, terrine, foie gras, rack of berkshire pork, beef short rib, anything with fava beans or spring peas, sauteed mushrooms (hen of the woods and trompette royale are my favorites), potato gratin, grits with crispy pork, ravioli.

      So-so dishes - salmon, salads (except for beet salads, which was good), lamb, potato purees, polenta, vegetables (mainly because I am not a veggie person, so you should try if you like vegetables).

      I know I am not helping a lot as I have yet tried all the dishes (they have such a wide selection!) and that everytime I go I go with quite a few people to sample a bit of everything.

      Agree with Kathryn that the desserts are not to be missed! I think I had (or we had) a parfait with rhubarb, a chocolate soufflé, roasted bananas (which I liked a lot), friiters, and different flavors of ice cream and sorbets. They have some unconventional flavors like lavender and something with proseccos that I really enjoyed.

      jsmitty, you are going to be stuffed by the end of the meal! Enjoy!

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      1. re: kobetobiko

        disagree about the salads and vegetables. they are definitely two of the high points of craft's menu. definitely get some mushrooms. they'll definitely be at least 4 or 5 different types. the onions and ramps are great, the potato gratin and puree are usually good too. the gratin has been at times undercooked.

        1. re: erha

          Hi erha,

          That's why I mentioned that I am not a veggie fan and that jsmitty should try the vegetables if he likes veggie. Agree that all mushrooms at Craft are delicious, and it is rarely to have a restaurant that have that many types of mushrooms. In the past when I did the tasting menu they sauteed a medley of mushrooms which was one of the highlights of the dinner. However, I don't know if they still offer this or if you have to order each type separately.

          Unofortunately the salads that I had at Craft were not memorable. They were fresh and good, but not special in any way. IMO there are better and more interesting salads out there, and with that many items to try at Craft I will save my appetite for the others (like other side dishes).

          1. re: kobetobiko

            understood kobetobiko...wasn't trying to argue with you. they do still do the medley of mushrooms if you ask. i agree that all of the salads there are not memorable but they are still very good. as a matter of fact, i don't know if there is much that is "memorable" in my mind but all in all, just about everything is very good. for me, that makes craft one of my favorite restaurants.

            1. re: erha

              Hi erha,

              Sorry if I sounded like I wanted to start an arguement! No such intention at all. In fact, I think what you just said was quite right - Craft isn't one of those places where you say "this is the best XXX I ever had!" but rather it excels in having everything very good and delicious. When I go to Craft I usually find the dishes to be very satisfying, and rarely do I find something that I did not like. But yes, may not they do lack one or two "memorable" dishes. It doesn't matter what I am in the mood in - seafood, pasta, vegetables, meat, - I can always find something on the menu that will fit my taste and quality standard. I guess that's why it is a great restaurant that gets people to go back!

      2. The best time to go is during truffle season. Ask for the tasting menu. The food was great, though their wine choices to accompany the meal were not to my liking for the most part.

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        1. re: MIKELOCK34

          I believe they are no longer offering a tasting menu as part of the regular offerings.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thay were not offering it on the menu when I have been there. You just have to ask the chef and they will do it.

        2. 3 1/2 for 7.. I wanted so bad to love Craft. Perhaps my expectations affected the experience. Anyway I had

          1. Foie Gras-perfect
          2. Grilled Quail-perfect
          3. Ramps-Great
          4 Grits with Pork-mediocre. lacked flavor, umph, texture was ok, the pork was tough
          5. Sturgeon-pretty good.
          6. Short Ribs- Ok. Although they had the falling of the bones goodness, they lacked that smokey flavor that I have had at 20 other places
          7. Artichoke Salad (hearts and stems) -not good. a mushy mess

          What can I say. Perhaps I ordered wrong. But some dishes on here were endorsed by others. I will move on....

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          1. re: jsmitty

            Hi jsmitty,

            Sorry to hear that you didn't fully enjoy your meal at Craft. I supposed we did have different preference on some of the dishes. Clearly in the case of short ribs, i wasn't looking for anything smoky but more of the tendor soft texture, and hence I never thought about the lack of smokiness which was the taste that you were looking for. I apologize that I did not clarify that in my recommendaton. As for the grits, surprised that the pork was tough as when I had it the pork was very crispy. Um..

            Anyway, if you have a chance I hope you can give Craft another try with other dishes.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              no nothing to do with you. i would gladly take your recommendations again any time. some times perhaps my expectations are lofty... the dishes that were good were so right on....