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Apr 21, 2007 04:03 PM

SF sourdough recommendations

Going to be in SF in a few weeks. I absolutley love sourdough. The real deal though. Not the pseudo sourdough crap make by commercial bakeries. The stuff made from authentic starter with that tangy taste, crisp crust and fabulous texture. Would like to take some back home. Any recs on who/where to go and get? Thanks.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Raymond's sourdough. Naturally fermented, nice tang, soft fluffy texture with a perfect crust. This stuff really does it for me!

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      I've never noticed Raymond's before. Do they sell anywhere else other than the bakery.

      Someone is sure to mention Acme bread which is in the SF Ferry Building.

      The sourdough bread served at Tadich Grill is, to me, sourdough classic. It is made by Boudin. Tadichs willl tell you to buy it there. They don't tell you that Boudin makes bread to a restaurant specs. So the sourdough at Boudin is not the same as what is made for Tadich. Even if you can't take it home, stop by for a meal at Tadich for the real deal.

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        Someone on yelp mentioned finding it at Cala Foods. I've noticed Haig's on Clement. carries them. I grew up in the San Mateo area and used to go to their deli for sandwiches. I think it spoiled me!

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          Just wanted to mention that I found Raymond's sourdough at Falletti's between Oak and Fell. They had several varieties, including a cute very mini baguette that I'd never seen before.

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          Second on Tadich. Extra-sour, extra-crunchy. They switched to Boudin when Parisian went out of business.

          Acme's great but they don't make a traditional SF-style extra-sour sourdough. The closest thing is their Italian.

          You can get Boudin at the airport on your way home.

      2. Boudin is always a good place to go. I used to work there and they start all their sourdough breads with the "mother dough." Granted it is commercially produced but I still find it pretty decent and it is a San Francisco thing you should try.

        1. If you're in the North Bay, my favorite is the Italian sourdough from the Basque Bakery in Sonoma. But I've been eating Bay Area sourdough for 50 years and have never had an unsliced loaf that I felt was inauthentic. The soft-crust, pre-sliced loaves are another matter.

          1. I can't remember the name, but there is an Italian bakery on Grant, corner of Filbert (?) on the west side of Grant, with a green awning. One of a few genuine mom & pop Italian bakeries left in the city. We go there for bread sticks and sourdough.

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              Italian French Baking Company

              1501 Grant Avenue (between Union and Filbert)

              Thanks for the tip. I never noticed the sourdough because I was focusing on the Italian bread or baguettes. I'm more a fan of Danilo for Italian bread, but I'll give the sourdough at Italian French Bakery a try next time I'm in the area.

              1. re: rworange

                YES, IFBC indeed!!

                I had forgotten about Danilo just around the corner. Thanks. Will visit and exchange notes.

            2. Tom , I am a native san franciscan and I can tell you that the best sourdough bread is Raymonds...that is made from the original sourdough is sold at the S.F. airport and at any Longs drugstore in the city...also the bakery is in South San francisco, not far from the airport...boudins is ok, too....but, Raymonds is the authentic thing!!!