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Apr 21, 2007 03:59 PM

Mexican around Medford

Can anyone recommend a decent mexican restaurant near Medford/Malden/Somerville area??

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  1. Tu y Yo in Powderhouse Circle is good --it is not Mexican-American fare --more authentic dishes. I have never been disappointed there.

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      I REALLY want to like Tu y Yo but I've had four meals there in the years since they opened, and it's been bad each and every time. I haven't been in maybe two years now and I'm considering giving it another try since I really want it to be good. Has the food changed at all over the past couple of years?

      1. re: DavisSquare

        The menu hasn't changed from what I can tell. They have added Saturday and Sunday breakfast/brunch and it's very simple but very good -- huevos rancheros and stuff.

        My favorite local Mexican for plates and combinations is Tacqueria Mexico in Union. You can sit and eat there. For tortas, Lupita's hands down. For tacos I go back and forth. I can't wait to try Le Verdad!

        Also wanted to add a vote here for the chile verde plate at Anna's in Porter Square. Served with rice and beans and a few tortillas, it's spicy and great. Aromatherapy hounded that one out.....

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          MMM... you gotta try tu y yo... i was just there a few weeks ago and my roommate couldn't stop say mmmm after every bite... you definitely wont get a taco dish there though, but its real authetic mexican and its so delicious... i would suggest the tinga poblana... i get that almost every time i go and you have to get sangria. its the best ive ever had.

      2. Mexico Lindo in Melrose is a good bet. Here are some previous threads on it:

        1. Jose's on Sherman St. in Fresh Pond Cambridge is pretty good and Tu Y Yo is tasty, but very exotic, not the place for tacos etc.

          1. It depends a bit on what you're looking for. If you want tacos and such, Taqueria Mexico in Union Square is quite tasty, as is Tacos Lupita near Porter Square.

            If you want something more sit-down, it's pretty grim beyond Tu y Yo (see my comment above, though). I can vouch for the rellenos, but not much else, at Zocalo in Arlington, and I've heard that Ole in Inman Square, which was terrible the last few times I was dragged there, has improved of late, but I can't vouch personally.

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              My most recent meal at Ole was truly awful --I posted a review.

            2. Boca Grande near Porter Square on the Cambridge/Somerville line is one of my favorite Mexican places, and many of the meals are around $5.00.