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Yummy tacos in Centro Historico, DF

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I was in Mexico City last weekend and didn't get much chowing in, but I did have delicious tacos from two places in particular.

On Isabel la Catolica between Mesones and Regina on the West Side of the street is a little taqueria the name of which I couldn't discern. They have a spit with a big heap of al pastor meat, complete with a pineapple on top. The tacos were about ten pesos (one dollar) each, and were fantastic; the pineapple and the pork complemented each other wonderfully.

Last Sunday I was strolling around and happened upon a stand in the street at the corner of Bolivar and Venustiano Carranza. I recognized the barbacoa (goat) taco smell from my Brooklyn neighborhood. I love barbacoa tacos, and the proprietor was cutting up the goat leg on the stand. I got one of the tacos -- again, ten pesos -- and it was, again, delicious, especially with the availability of everything you'd want to dress a taco with: lime, cilantro, onions, spicy sauce.

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  1. Jack, thanks for posting great information. Next time I'm in Mexico City, I'll give those tacos a try.

    Link: http://mexicocooks.typepad.com