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Are you making a specialty food? Tell us about it


karynx78 Apr 21, 2007 03:47 PM

I'm usually a regular at Inka Mamas in Fountain Valley but today I decided to give Nory's in Lake Forest a try after reading some reviews about it.

Aji sauce comparison:

At Nory's they had 2 different colored aji hot sauces, the usual greenish color looking one and also a more spicey orangey colored one. I actually liked the orangey colored aji sauce more because of the spice. The green one to me was more pastey and bland.

At Inka Mama, they used to have both sauces but now only have the greenish colored one. I actually found the green sauce at Inka Mamas to be a lot more tastey, spicey, and fragrant (more cilantro or something)

At Nory's we shared the Cerviche mixto (mixed seafood cooked with lime). This dish was good and was pretty much compared the same way as other Peruvian restaurants I've tried. What was different was that they added celery. I ordered the Pescado Suado as my entree. It was fresh fresh fish fillets stewed with tomatoes, onions, potatoes,and wine. I thought the taste was fair but nothing to cry home about. I had a similar dish in Inka Mamas that is always fantastic... they on the other hand add more garlic and yucca in it. The flavor at Inka Mamas is a little more flavor and depth.

My boyfriend ordered the popular Lomo Saltado ( stirfried beef, red onions, french fries). The first comment he made about dish as it was set in front of him was " the french fries look soggy". I had a try and indeed is was super soggy. The beef was also just ok. He prefers the Lomo Saltado at Inka Mamas becuase the fries are usually still crispy when it gets to the table and the beef is more tender and flavorful. The beef seems to have that firey charbroiled taste at Inka Mamas.

Overall I thought that Nory's wasn't bad. Probably a notch better than Inka GRill but definitely ranks lower than Inka Mamas. I do have to say that Nory's gives huge and generous portions which probably attracts a lot of return customers. Inka Mamas has a much bigger menu. Their empanadas are to die for! It comes with this amazing tangy dipping sauce that makes u want to sop it up left over bread. I've tried almost every dish at Inka Mamas and I think they take a lot of pride in their cooking and has perfected every dish.