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Apr 21, 2007 03:41 PM

Pork Bungs?

The family and I were at the asian grocery today and my husband pointed to some things in the meat case: Pork bungs. I noticed next to them were some chicken ovaries.

Are pork bungs what we think they are? Has anyone here dared eat them? We opted for some bags of frozen dumplings, adventurous ones that we are. =)

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  1. They are, indeed, the larger end of the digestive tract. I don't know if they have a specific application in Asian cookery but they are generally used for stuffing in European cookery. They are the casing size used for salamis, etc.

    1. Last time I saw those at a Chinese supermarket, they were next to the "bull fries" and "pizzle." It was not unambiguous what *those* were. "Uteri" were also in the vicinity.

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        Pizzels fo shizzle. (Couldn't help myself).

        1. re: 2m8ohed

          Correction... I meant "not ambiguous!"

        2. Yeah, I eventually realized that they could be used for casings and I guess after my initial gross-out, also realized that I have no problem eating natural casings in other things, i.e, salami, etc. I guess the name just sort of weirded me out a little. Plus, they looked a bit unnerving.

          Now, ovaries and uteri, on the other would they be prepared? And what IS pizzle?

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          1. re: dukegirl

            An American euphemism for "bull fries" is "Rocky Mountain oysters." The "pizzle" is... well, it's right by the bull fries in the bovine anatomy as well as in the Chinese supermarket freezer case. A Taiwanese restaurant near the Chinese supermarket serves uteri sauteed with basil. I haven't ordered it.

            1. Here's a link to an old discussion which has pictures of all pig parts including rectum/bung

              Did get to see what pig salivery glands look like which don't look as bad as they tasted in some chorizo I had.

              1. They're nice enough to call it the unambiguous "pig rectum" at my asian market. Next to duck tongues, pig snout and bull testes.