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Apr 21, 2007 03:22 PM

Dockside Daves or Woody's Waterfront

For the St Pete Beach crowd, any preference?

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  1. Without a doubt, Dockside Dave's for the food. But for atmosphere , entertainment, the view, and cold beer, you can't beat Woody's. We love 'em both.

    1. I agree with the previous comments. Atmosphere go to Woody's it is a fun beach bar. For the best grouper sandwiches in the bay area Dockside Daves will be hard to beat. Fresh black grouper...I have see the fish delivered

      1. Instead of Woody's, try Philthy Phil's across the street!
        Great atmosphere, and believe it or not, we had a delicious Cuban sandwich there just last weekend.

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        1. re: joan

          Philthy Phil's is a favorite of ours. Love the rooftop bar! I too was surprised at how good the Cubans are, but actually, we have never had a bad meal of any kind there. The portions are so ridiculously large that I always carry out lunch for the next day.

        2. Definitely Dockside Daves. Food is far superior. Woody's is good for the view. period. They have mediocre bar food. Sit uptop at Phil's and you have the same view.

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          1. re: Check Please

            Woody's isn't the same since they lost Tony. The food always was pretty bad with the exception of the chicken wings possibly, and fish spread. Without Tony though, even the view isn't as good! I know...times change and I need to too!

            1. re: OOo

              I, too, was disappointed when Tony D left, but I've grown to like Tom Davis just as well. Give him a listen! A much wider variety of music, amusing banter.

              But if you really need a Tony D fix, I think he still does afternoon sets on Mon. and Tues. at Caddy's in TI.

          2. I love Dockside Dave's fried shrimp. Man, you can really tell those big prawns are super-fresh. Their onion rings are good, too. My only problem is that I don't eat deep-fried food very often, so dinner at Dockside Dave's will make me sick for a couple days. They do have blackened grouper on the menu, which I haven't tried. And I trust that their grouper is the real thing and kickin' fresh.

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            1. re: laurie

              Laurie, I have the same problem with fried foods, so I know what you mean. Next time you're at Dockside Dave's, consider trying their beef-on-weck sandwich. It is excellent - the beef is freshly roasted and sliced. It's not deli stuff! It is tender and very flavorful.
              I had never heard of a sandwich called this, but I guess it's common in Buffalo., NY. A treat from our far-northern neighbors!

              1. re: debbed

                The last time I was at Dockside Dave's (many months ago) their beef-on-weck wasn't served on kimmelweck rolls - just plain old rolls. Authentic kimmelwick rolls are topped with coarse salt and caraway seeds - that's what makes them "weck". Have they changed to the real thing? If so, I'll give them another try. Thanks.

              2. re: laurie

                I always get the blackened grouper sandwich with provolone at Dockside Dave's. When I watch the chef making it (which was much more easy to observe at the original, now defunct location), you can see that more care and attention goes into making this than most of the other menu items. They have great waffle fries and huge real onion rings which I also love. They used to have a grouper chowder, flavored with cumin, but I haven't seen that on the menu in a while.

                1. re: Robert R

                  Just this week, I noticed a sign in Madeira Beach, announcing "Dockside Dave's Coming Soon". The location is a small freestanding building, north of their original one.

                  So what I'm wondering: are they moving (yet again!?), or opening a second location?


                  1. re: joan

                    Both made the Travel Section of the New York Times today!


                    1. re: thakrza

                      Thanks for sharing that article!

                      There are currently two locations - in the middle of John's Pass and Gulf Blvd. on SPB. It seems like a third one so nearby would cannabalize business from the others. But, then, those are two very busy restaurants. For good reason.

                      1. re: debbed

                        Debbed, are you sure there are two? I think they shuttered the one at John's Pass when they moved to SPBeach. I did not see it the last time I drove through John's Pass.

                        1. re: joan

                          Joan, hmmm, your post had me wondering. I haven't been to John's Pass since March, when it was definitely open. However, it could have closed since then.

                          But then, I thought about the NYT article. The author mentioned visiting there on May 23; there was a description of people dining outside. The Gulf Blvd location doesn't have outdoor seating, so (A-HA) deductive reasoning tells me that they were visiting the John's Pass place!

                          I think....

                          1. re: debbed

                            I was on Gulf Blvd this last week and also saw the place going up.