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Apr 21, 2007 02:36 PM


I'll be going to Paris November to celebrate a BIG birthday. They'll be 10 to 12 of us in my party. I don't want a Taillevent experience. I want a place that has good food and is fun and hip or, in the alternative, a great bistro with a lively atmosphere . It will be on a Saturday night. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks. Alanatty

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  1. Le Marsangy might be a good option. Great food and reasonable prices (20-ish€ for two courses, another 6€ to add a third course). The place is not too well-known, the service is lovely, the wine list is mindboggling, and the dining room is cosy. I think they'd probably be up for pushing a few tables together for you.

    Check out the restaurant listing here:

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      Sorry to say but the room reminded me of an airport roof-top restaurant. Food was great but after all, you are in Paris to enjoy a special atmosphere. Why go there for a wonderful occasion when you can go to fabulous bistros and restaurants?

    2. I hate to be a broken record, but I think Chez Denise is the place for you. Also lively and fun is Le Cave a L'Os a Moelle. For great food and a bistro experience I highly recommend Le Petit Tonneau or Chez L'Ami Jean--both in the 7th.

      1. I had a big birthday bash a couple of years ago at Maceo (15 rue des Petits Champs) in their private room upstairs. It's one of my favorite restaurants, anyway, but the party experience cemented it! Food is wonderful and affordable, and they're glad to work with you to make your special evening even more special.

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          Dear Chef June,

          Thanks for the recommendation. However, the one thing I don't want to do is be in a private room. Do you think Maceo would accomodate my party in the main room? If not, do you have any other recommendations? Thanks, Alanatty

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            Maceo has four dining spaces. On the ground floor they have the "main" restaurant, which is now extended into the old bar area which is less formal. Upstairs there is a large room, sometimes used as pat of the main restaurant, sometimes for large parties (20+).

            But the best space for a birthday is a small mezzanine floor (the "library" or "La Bibliotheque Salace") which overlooks the main dining room. It is part of the main dining area but slightly more private - perfect for a birthday where you want to have the ambiance of the restaurant but not lose the intimacy of the birthday celebration.

            My guess is that it is a ideal space for you (for 8 to 10 but they may squeeze 12). Check out the web site:

        2. Some one suggested Le Doobie for my Big Birthday Bash. Anybody have any thoughts on that. I'm still considering all your various suggestions of which I'm most appreciative; but since there's still plenty of time to make arrangements, I want to leave no stone unturned.
          Thanks as always for your help. Regards, Alanatty

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            To be honest I have never heard of it. Checked out the web and it seems to be a themed bar/restaurant like Buddha Bar, Kong, Man Ray (although I think it has changed it's name) etc. Suspect the food is "style over substance" however the scenery could be interesting.

            A lot of these places were very hip but as they gained global reputations the standards decline and they tend to become tourist haunts rather than hang outs for the hip and cool. So somewhere like Buddha Bar is OK for a quick (very expensive drink) but has a very average reputation for food quality and atmosphere.

            Horses for courses depends what you want for your birthday. Interested if anyone has been.

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              Thanks Phil, I appreciate your continued help. Alan

          2. Alanatty--there are sooooo many places that would fit the bill, honestly. Maybe if you mention a neighborhood, a price range, a regional style and/or an "image" of the type of place you are dreaming of, then I'm sure we will all pitch in to make your dream a reality!!