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Ventura Blvd

I've started taking the bus to work. I take the 750 Metro Rapid from Studio City to Woodland Hills, it goes right down Ventura Blvd. Riding the bus lets you look out the window and spot things you wouldn't normally when zooming by in your car. There are of course lots of great restaurants along the Blvd. I am wondering what some of your favorites are, especially in the Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino area, but really anywhere up and down the Blvd. I'm not looking for any particular cuisine but just wanted to see which places where the ones that chowhounders liked and were worth a try! So yes, the topic is kind of broad...but there it is :)

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  1. Gorikee's in Woodland Hills for yummy garlic Cal-fusion cuisine that is very good deal

    Gochi in Encino across from 99 cent store for Japanese/Korean grill it yourself. Very good prime meat, much better than Gyu Kaku.

    1. We have had both good sushi and non-sushi items at Kushiyu, just a couple of blocks west of Reseda Blvd. in the larger minimall with the Relax the Back store in it on the north side of Ventura. Here is a link to a fairly recent review.


        1. Went to Rio on Thursday and really liked it.
          Tempo is also good for Mediterranean.

          A few more random ones...
          Chili My Soul, Carnaval (on Woodman just north of Ventura), Firefly, Max, Alcazar, More than Waffles, Belwood Bakery, Outtake Cafe, Cafe Bizou, Il Tiramisu, Uncle Chen's (i know some don't like it, but I like being able to eat healthy chinese and love their garlic eggplant w/ scallops), Kung Pao bistro, Leda's BakeShop, Nata's Pastries, Risotto, Salads Galore (like their salads and healthy options), Dressing Room (good salads and personalizable!), Yamato (another one not liked all around, but I love Peter... plus, not everywhere has soy paper nor takes custom orders nor is willing to do rice-less rolls... they do it all)

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            We live in South BAy now and miss Il Tiramisu and Le Frite!

          2. I used to take that route, too. I'd always stop in at Brothers (sushi) or Shirin (Persian), both near the Topanga Cyn Blvd stop.

            1. Il Tiramisu
              La Frite
              Clay Oven
              Chili My Soul
              HAru Teahouse
              THe Stand
              Leeda's Bake Shop
              Sushi House of Taka (off of boulevard up Van Nuys a bit)
              Sushi 4 on 6
              Great Greek
              Cafe Bizou
              Cafe Cordiale
              Snapper Jon's

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                LaLogia is wonderful with a great, reasonable wine list to go with the wonderful food...they have a bar next door that serves tapas-style treats...perfectly balanced, fluffy/crunchy croquettes; scallops with white lentils; trio of fillet...one with fois gras, one with romesco, one with gorganzola foam...perfect little tastes of meaty goodness.
                Asanebo is always great choice for amazing fish.
                Sushi House of Taka on Wvan Nuys, just a block north of Ventura.
                Oliva, also on Van Nuys, for beautiful Italian food...their lamb chops-perfect; their delicate ravioli with spinach and ricotta in a saffron cream sauce-amazing, and I rarely enjoy pasta; the thin and crispy pizza...oh goodness, I want luch already.

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                  That's a pretty good list, though I don't think Midori is particularly chowhound-ish. I also think Sushi 4 on 6 is rather overrated.

                  For sushi, I would add three recommendations:

                  Sushi Iki in Tarzana -- for purist, top-quality fish (at a price)

                  Sushi Hirosuke in Encino -- for moderate, non-traditional sushi, i.e., baked scallop over California roll, Volcano, etc. I think it's better than Katsu-Ya for that type of sushi and slightly less expensive.

                  Cho Cho San in Tarzana -- when you absolutely, positively need cheap sushi and want non-traditional rolls. I would put the spicy tuna handroll up against any other spicy tuna in the city and I love the "Rock 'n' Roll" (baked scallops and baked avocado).

                  A few others not on that list:

                  Amer's Falafel in Encino.

                  L'Artiste Patisserie in Encino for baked goods and breakfast croissants.

                  Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City.

                  Pinkberry in Studio City (sorry, I'm one of the converts).

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                    The Midori in Sherman Oaks is chowish in a few aspects. Yes, the sushi quality is below Asanebo and others of that caliber. But it is above many other cheap sushi bars and light years above grocery sushi. If you go for nigiri, you can get some decent fish at a great price and come out really dang full. The itames are nice (especially Rick), the decor is pleasing, and it can be a fun time if you want a reasonable meal at a nice price.

                    I prefer Taka or Asanebo or 4 on 6, but I can't always AFFORD it. But I do need a sushi fix regularly!

                2. Thanks for the replies. I have a good list to work from. I have heard good things about Gorikee (echoed by a couple here) so will definately have to try. I might have to start reporting on adventures up and down Ventura Blvd and in Studio City

                  1. Clay Oven (Indian) and Spumoni (Italian, specializing in gnocchi) in Sherman Oaks.