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Apr 21, 2007 01:47 PM

Where's the best place for Sushi in Boston?

Heading out for dinner tonight and am craving sushi. Where's the best place in town, that's not overpriced?


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  1. I like Douza in the Back Bay. Fugakyu in Brookline is solid. Oiishi in the South End is good but very, very expensive. Seiyo opened in the S. End awhile ago but I haven't been. I also heard O'Ya in the Leather District in good, but also expensive. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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      For reliably good, fresh and reasonable sushi I second the rec for Douzo. Nothing crazily-inventive, but very good. I love their spicy tuna roll - simple and good. Their salmon sashimi is always buttery and delicious.

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        Super Fusion in Brookline if you don't want to sit down - it has only three or four tables and really is best for takeout. JP Seafood in JP for reasonable and reliable. Oiishi if you want to cough up your wallet. Fugakyu for comfort and a decent bar.

      1. Must say found Fugakyu disappointing; sushi just as good but less expensive at the unfortunately-named Mr sushi around the corner on harvard ave. Definitely not worth going to Osushi in the Copley plaza area -- gimmicky and overpriced! Still looking for a memorable sushi experience in the boston area...

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          The original Oishii in Chestnut Hill has some of the best sushi I've had outside Japan (this includes California). You have to know what to order: important to get a mixture of solid "standards" but don't be afraid to branch out to some of the sillier roll combinations. On one visit there we asked for the omekase which was excellent, though it means yielding control over what you get.

          The South End Oishii also has excellent sushi, but I think the atmosphere and prices there are a big turn-off, unless you are willing to spend a tremendous amount of money. As far as I recall the prices at the Chestnut Hill location were much more affordable. Downside to the original location is that the lines start forming early (since they only have a few tables and seats at the bar) - but it is worth the wait.