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Apr 21, 2007 01:33 PM

Paris 5/12-5/18 recommendations?

I'll be in Paris staying in the Latin Quarter. Any recommendations for that area as well as other must-tries throughout? Medium budget, great wine a must (though not necessarily prix-fixe), fun/personalable (though not Friday's fun and friendly). Also, (not necessarily food-related) is it better to use traveler's checks, euros? Get them in the US or in Paris?
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I would take a couple hundred euros in cash with you so you can pay for the cab from the airport, etc., but I wouldn't bother with travelers checks. You get the best rate of exchange (if there is such a thing these days) by just using your ATM card to get cash at any of the bejillions of machines in Paris.

    Medium budget, great wine = Willi's Wine Bar and Macéo, both in the 1st and next door to each other. (13 and 15 rue des Petits Champs) Yes, the owner, Mark Williamson (a Brit) is a good friend of mine, but the food is good, the wine is great, the prices affordable and the atmosphere convivial. Everyone at Willi's also speaks English, so if your French isn't great, no problem. web site is williswinebar dot com and reservations are not a problem, especially if you sit at the bar. Both places are closed Sundays.

    1. Unless you have a lot of luggage or with a group of people, the RER Metro is easy from either CDG or Orly airport to the Latin Quarter (probably St. Michele stop). Only about 8.5E each way. Nobody uses travelers check anymore.
      Fish Boissonier in the 6th has a nice wine list and fairly good food, more Mediterranean than pure French.

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        traveler's checks are a waste. do be careful about your wallet on the metro - don't keep it in a back pocket and do be aware there are pickpockets. as to food, so many wonderful choices: L'Ami Jean will be relatively near you and my favorite, in the 16th near Trocadero, is le Scheffer. Both reasonably priced. Both excellent. Do consider reservations before you go (your hotel if you email it will probably be willing to make them for you).

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