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Apr 21, 2007 11:03 AM

Sushi Caterers in Montreal

Hi everyone,

So I'm having a pretty big party ~250 people, and I wanted to get a sushi stand. Any recommendations for sushi caterers, or restaurants who provide party platters that actually taste good??
The cheaper the better, but any recommendations will be appreciated!


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  1. i highly recommend okane in the rockland mall. it is very reasonable and it is one of montreal's best kept secrets. it truly is the best sushi in this city that won't cost you $80 for a meal

    it is on the main floor across from pharmaprix. they have an actual restaurant in brossard, but this mall sushi is a cut above anythng else. they'll do a 60 piece plate for $59.99 and i've seen members of the TMR/Outremont elite regularly buying very large quantities.

    1. I was also thinking of having someone come to make the sushi on the spot. Does anyone know any "rent-a-sushi chef" types?

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        You could try contacting sushi chef/sushi supplier(& my former Japanese cooking teacher) Mari Toyoda: (450) 901.0112 - I don't know if she does private events, but she may know someone else who does.

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          There's this guy...
          I'm not sure how many people he can accomodate though.
          We got him over to my place for a small, 6 person, sushi experience and things went pretty well in general and we all had a good time, except a few little minor things. I'd still recommend him though.

          I've heard there were other people around town doing the same thing, but I've yet to find them...

          I've also heard good things over the years, here and there, about this place, as far as sushi caterers go...

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            I second (third) the Sushi-Volant recommendation. They make some of the best sushi in town. I've had it on many occasions and it was always very good.

        2. what about myamoto ( ) they might be of some help ?

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            1. There's a place called Sushi volant on Rachel near St-Hubert. They make the best sushi I have ever eaten in Montreal. I would not go for the sushi places which have sprung up in the past years, like Sushi shop, if you want to please your guests. You say the cheaper the better, but in the case of sushi I would not bargain. I was once sick with sushi and let me tell you that this is not a good experience:(