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Where can I find Ancho Chile Powder?

I need a larger quantity, maybe a couple of pounds. Any ideas?

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  1. penzeys in torrance
    surfas in culver city

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      I second Penzey's - it's high quality and fairly inexpensive. Plus you can buy different sizes.


    2. Whole foods has packets of Ancho Chile Powder, I just saw it today. It looks freshly ground.

      1. Another option would be to go a hispanic grocery store. Probably a lot more turnover than American stores and cheaper too.

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          I go to Vallarta market nearly every day and have never seen it there. They have a big selection, just not ancho for some reason. Maybe you could suggest another hispanic grocery to try.

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            I have bought it at Cardena's before. I'm pretty sure that Superior Warehouse would also have it.

        2. surfas on washington blvd. in culver city. i definitely saw it when i was shopping there last week...i think they even have 1-lb. containers if you need a large quantity.

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            I bought the one-pound container a few months ago and found it to be perfect.

          2. Penzeys would be my first choice. Another option that may be closer to you would be Smaet & Final.

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              Sugar Jones, I'm pretty sure that Smart & Final carries ancho chili powder. New Mexico Chili powder also is very good.

            2. There is a spice store around Olympic and Alameda (on the south side of Olympic), just east of downtown. They have huge bins of Mexican spices, including dried and powdered chile. This is an area where you will see pinatas, candy and various fruits outside being sold. This one store is in the middle of the block and specializes in spices, condiments and cooking utensils (such as the pots to make carnitas, the instrument to froth hot chocolate, the lime squuezer and the tortilla press).