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Apr 21, 2007 11:00 AM

Substitution for Leeks?

I am making a Thai-style ground beef recipe tonight that calls for 1 cup of sliced leeks. I've never cooked leeks before and was wondering if there is a comparable substitution for them. What do leeks even taste like? Should I leave them out altogether?

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  1. Any mild onion will work in a pinch. Shallots, Vidalias or other sweet onions. I would just stay away from purple onions or really strong yellow onions.

    1. they taste like a milder, starchier could certainly substitute sweet onions but if you've never tasted them, you should try them. Wash them very well as they tend to be gritty and they're wonderful braised, roasted or sauteed. Not sure about their use in Thai food as they are usually thoroughly cooked (is this what your recipe calls for?), but I definitely encourage you to try them.