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Apr 21, 2007 10:50 AM

Is it time to throw away my food storage container?

The bottom of the inside of it is kind of rough and bumpy--it's been in the DW many times. It still works, though. Should I throw it away?

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  1. If the asthetics don't bother your and it is thouroughly washed, keep it. I have a few of those around to use for food I know that might damage or stain my 'company plastic'.

    1. Also, make sure you don't heat anything in it that contains tomato sauce in the microwave.

      1. There are some really good new containers from RubberMaid that don't discolor from tomato sauce, chili, etc. Nor do they get bumpy from microwaving. I got some from Target probably six months ago and they have stood up to serious abuse.

        1. If there's any doubt, why not get a ew one? They're cheap -- a set of 20 at Target for $23.

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            ... and that suggestion on the eve of Earth Day? Tsk, tsk .. :-) Man ... Oprah and Diane Sawyer laid such a guilt trip on me yesterday that I told McDonald's not to give me any napkins today ... as I idled my engine in the drive-thru. Hey, Oprah said at the least to do one thing, no matter how small. Give up at the very least one paper napkin a day. Little steps ... but maybe I'll just keep my ratty old plasticware around.

            Anyway as far as stains, I use the same containers that have already been stained. For those times it really, really bothers me I use Cascade Plastic Booster that has removed any stain in any plastic. Oddly it doesn't clean another thing. I've tried it on sink stains and stuff like that ... nada. But it is a miracle plastic cleaner. Here's some more ideas for removing stains from plastic

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              Good for you ... it all starts with the first step ;)

              May I recommend that when you replace plastic, you buy glass ...

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                But these are mostly used for transporting leftovers to work for lunch.

          2. I would get rid of it as I would worry it plasticizers/chemicals are leached into the food. Glass is very nice; heavy, yes, but I suppose it depends on how far you have to carry it and how big of a container you need to use. For a daily lunch I find it no problem to carry a glass container in my tote for the walk from my office garage into the office.

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            1. re: gourmanda

              Yes, that was my concern--chemicals leaching into my food.

              1. re: dimples

                We have replaced all plastic with glass and stainless. Steel. Easier on the environment and healthier for us. We use large mouth stainless steel thermos containers to take our lunch to work. It's only marginally heavier than plastic.