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Apr 21, 2007 10:26 AM

Top Ethnic Restaurant in Cincinnati area?

I am looking to take mi wife out to a good ethnic restaurant for dinner. I am looking for a $$$ restaurant and to try some place new.

We love Teak in Mt. Adams, Andy's Mediterranean Grill, and there is this other place in Mason that has good Thai food; however, we are looking for other places to try.

So, bring on your restaurants and any dishes that you recommend.

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  1. I like the Iron Skillet in Newtown for Hungarian. They have a very large menu and the quality is uneven, but if you stick to the Hungarian page you'll do fine.

    1. If by "ethnic", you mean any restaurant serving cuisine that isn't serving BBQ, burgers, steaks, and/or other traditional "American" foods, you've got plenty to choose from and many of them won't require you to shell out $$$ - some are $ or $$ restaurants.

      My favorites:

      Japanese/Sushi - Kyoto Japanese on Montgomery Rd in Mason - - $$
      Thai (sitdown) - Green Papaya on Wasson in Hyde Park - $
      Thai (takeout) - Thai Express on McMillan in Clifton - $
      Indian - Cumin on Erie in Hyde Park - - $$-$$$
      Korean - Riverside on Madison in Covington, KY - $-$$
      Italian - Nicola's on Sycamore in Over-The-Rhine - - $$$-$$$$
      Italian - Prima Vista on Matson in Price Hill - - $$$-$$$$ (also best view in the city


      Sadly I can't recommend any Mexican restaurants, but maybe that's a question for another thread?