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Apr 21, 2007 10:23 AM

Anyone else tried Skotidakis yogurt?

I was staring at the Liberte yogurt at Costco yesterday, and I noticed a package beside that said "Traditional Greek Strained Yogurt". It's goats' and cows' milk, and it comes in little packs with honey attached.

It's very good- tangy and thick, and it's 18%! Yum.

I recommend it

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  1. have you ever had fage yogurt in the US? apparently greek yogurt is our closest approximation but even then it's only 5% max. 18% makes me all giddy.

    the one i tried is from trader joes and comes with a honey packet too. my only annoyance was that the honey would become so solid that trying to eat it would require a lot of digging.

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      I just spooned the honey out of its little attached cup, and dumped it on top. It was good. It did remind me of the Fage reports I've read.