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Apr 21, 2007 08:47 AM

Help! I'm Lost on the Site!

Many months ago I registered--and since then illness intervened and kept me offline. On returning, I can't figure out how to post except here on Feedback, which seems to be about comment on the site itself. (I just threw in a post re white chocolate out of desperation.) At My Chow I find all my previous posts but don't see how to add a new one.

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  1. On my computer, when I click on a board title (i.e., Home Cooking), there's an icon near the top left that says Add a Topic. Perhaps if you haven't logged on in quite a while you will need to re-register.

    1. If you click the little arrow next to the "Boards" at the top of the page, you will get a drop down box that lists all the regions. Click on a region and when that page loads, there will be the name of the regional board in the upper left hand corner below the Chowhound masthead. Right below that is a button that says "Add new topic." Click that and it will open a box for you to fill in with a title and your message. When you are done, click "Post my reply" at the bottom of the box.

      1. I love this site, but I find it hard to figure out how to do things. For example, I've noticed on some boards that people link the addresses of restaurants they mention so they show up in a sidebar. I'm kind of a novice to sites like this, but don't you think there should be some introductory instructions somewhere. (There probably are, but I can't find them.)

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          Here is a link to the FAQ:

          If you have any other questions though, feel free to post again. To add the address of the restaurant, use the "link to a place" link belong the response box.

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            ccferg, I think you're referring to the new "places" linking feature. Perhaps this thread would be helpful to you?