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Apr 21, 2007 08:11 AM

Little Tokyo, or Chinatown

I'm going to that area for lunch today with a very good friend.

I want to eat downtown in Little Tokyo, or Chinatown....

Where shall we go?

Place your picks, and your votes will determine where we eat.

Will be at our destination at around 1pm today.


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  1. Billie - in little tokyo, Suehiro Cafe is a popular and reliable choice. I really like Yatsuhashi (on San Pedro), but I think it's only open for dinner. It's a chain, but Curry house in Weller Court is also very good. hope you enjoy

    1. Tokyo Town in my opinion is better and has beter choices than Chinatown.

      1. There's a nice little Thai (?!) place on Alpine Street near Broadway called Sala Thai. It's family-run and feels like you've just walked into a little place in Bangkok. Prices are reasonable and quality is excellent. I'm very partial to their spicy squid and fish filet dishes.