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Apr 21, 2007 07:55 AM

dinner recs for tonight in pk slope, cobble hill, carroll gardens?

i live on the edge of cobble hill and bklyn heights, friends live in park slope. want to either meet halfway for dinner - not quite sure where this is?? - or think of a good spot we havent been to. they are new in the slope and haven't tried a lot of spots...any good recommendations?? have been to stone park and blue ribbon. would love to try al di la but don't wait to wait for ages without a reservation as i've heard it can be lengthy. what else can you think of? i am familiar with a lot of the cobble hill places, but if anyone has an exceptional rec. i'd love to hear that too.


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  1. You might be able to get a reservation at Convivium, which I think is a very special spot in the Slope. If folks like Asia food, Mai on Atlantic near Nevins is generally very good (and very peaceful--a great place to actually hear a conversation).

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      Second convivium...that was my first thought as I was reading the post.

    2. Al Di La doesn’t take reservations at all...unless you’re John Torturro or Steve Buscemi. The way to play the Al Di La game is to go there about 1 to 2 hours BEFORE the time you want to eat. Give them your name and your cell number and then take a walk or go somewhere for a leisurely pre-dinner cocktail. There are many places within 2 blocks of Al Di La so it all depends on what your style is.

      They will call your cell as soon as your table is ready. Then you stroll in and walk right past all the people waiting...just like Torturro or Buscemi would do.