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Apr 21, 2007 07:15 AM

Red Fire Farm CSA

Does anyone have any experience with Red Fire Farm CSA and pickup from Harvest? Particularly, I'm interested in how much produce it is (can a vegetarian couple reasonably use that much) and how the variety is.

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  1. My husband and I have split the Red Fire Farm CSA with another couple for the past two years. We would usually get about three shopping bags full of veg and sometimes fruit. Typically about 6-8 different varieties per week, with amounts varying through the season. I would usually supplement our half of the share with a trip to the farmer's market, so it seems reasonable that two people would be able to use up the full share each week. Pickup from Harvest was less than ideal (we're switching to Somerville Vinyl Ave. pickup this year), with random people stealing food and the distribution manager doing a poor assessing the share. (For example, if you picked up late in the day, it would be a veritable free-for-all, with crates of unused vegetable left over and pickup amounts repeatedly slashed. Let's hope for a new distribution manager this year!) Great produce, though!

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      I'm so glad someone finally posted, because I am very ready to take part in a CSA this season (I am newly learning about them). The Red Fire Farm's web site made me think they'd be a good choice, as well as the fact that there's a JP drop off. I'm curious to know if you complained about the free-for-all, which I must admit, is a drag to hear about. It sound like, despite the crummy distrubution manager, you're going to do it again?

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        Any info on the you know if there is someone more in the metrowest area doing this? I own a small bakery and have been looking for a way to hook up with farms to offer delicious in season vegetables/fruits but most farms are too far away to deliver to needham or medway? Any recommendations? we already deal on a small scale with tangerini's in millis but would love to find more sources. thanks. stacey

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          Google is often your best friend:

          Type in your zip code and you'll get exactly what you need. Good luck!

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        My husband and I have been members for a couple of years. We really enjoy it, and consider it a project in "vegetable management" every week when we picked it up in order to organize/clean/etc. it to eat that week. It was a lot of food for us, but probably about how much veggies we Should be eating. I never experienced any problems with the pick up in Cambridge, but I generally was there midway thru the pickup time fairly consistantly, and found it very convenient that I could pop into the Coop to get a few other things. I did the new fruit share last summer and am not doing it this year (but am doing the veggie share), as I wasn't sure it was worth the extra money quantity-wise. The folk at the farm itself are very responsive and involved, and visiting the farm once or twice to do a pick-your-own afternoon is fun. (mmm, strawberries...)