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Apr 21, 2007 02:27 AM

The Russian Tea rooms ?

Following my NYC re visit , Ive been asked to get a gauge of price $$ , $$$ or $$$$$$$ !!!and populance. Seeing as weve knocked Tavern on the green on its head for my mum and swiping her away after a drink, I think we need to do something for her!!!

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  1. That's The Russian Tea Room (no "s"). Unfortunately, the new incarnation's food received overwhelmingly negative reviews, so much so, that the chef was fired. There has been no announcement of a replacement, so who's in charge of the kitchen is a total mystery. Service was also said to be severely lacking. The feeling from "those in the know" is that it's surviving mainly on the tourist trade, i.e., out-of-towners who go there based on its past days of glory that are, sadly, no more.

    If you're looking for a place that has some culinary history, perhaps you might want to consider taking your Mum to La Grenouille, one of the last of NYC's Grandes Dames of classic haute French cuisine. Excellent food and gorgeous ambiance. Expensive but still far from the Per Se category.

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      Thank you again RGR , very helpful. There is nothing worse than awful service ,after great anticipation , to spoil ambiance and a wonderful time.

      La Grenouille looks lovely and very much like a classic Parisienne restaurant. I will need to look into the prices per head inc' glass of wine , but our youngest of the party may be clubbing that night (This may not be their scene !!).

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        Perhaps even worse than lax service, what truly ruins a much anticipated dining experience for me is poor food!

        You are correct in observing that La Grenouille is not a place for those looking for hip, scene-y spots. But as I said, if you and your mum want to experience just about the last of NYC's classic haute French restaurants, it is recommended. (The only other one remaining is Le Perigord, but most opinions are that La Grenouille's food is far better.) If you find that dinner costs would be too much for your budget, you might want to consider taking your mum there for lunch.

        Enjoy and Bon Appetit!