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Apr 21, 2007 12:37 AM

Stuffed Cabbage

Am looking for great stuffed cabbage in L. A. There was a conversation about Russian food a couple of months ago I would like to re-read, but don't know how to find it. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Beef, rice, onion, tomato-stuffed cabbage with paprika at Warszawa in Santa Monica. It's Polish. I haven't had that dish there but bet it would be one of the ones they do well.

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    1. thats a deli staple....
      I like Brent's (northridge) and Factor's (beverlywood) stuffed cabbage

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        Agreed on both accounts. . . however, for my money, Factor's makes teh best stuffed cabbage in L.A.

      2. hi: the link for the russian restaurant discussion is below. i also recall being at "polka" on verdugo in south glendale several years ago and remember them having outstanding "golubtsy". like my ukranian mother used to make!

        1. Two good stuffed cabbages, both on Pico Blvd in West LA:

          1. Magic Carpet--slightly exotic spicing; comes in vegetarian or beef versions, both excellent. Their stuffed squash is even better. One of our favorite restaurants.

          2. Main Course -- good rendition of traditonal eastern European style stuffed cabbage. Their chicken paprikash is also good. Get it to go: this is one of the most depressing dining rooms in town.

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            Does Sabina's European Restaurant have Stuffed cabbage?

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              Yes. I just had it yesterday. It's good.

          2. I haven't tried it, but my wife swears by the stuffed cabbage at Brent's in Northridge.