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Apr 20, 2007 10:26 PM

Anniversary in Houston

I'm throwing a celebration for my parent's 30th anniversary and need some suggestions on venue. We're planning on having 80 people attend (mostly of Indian decent). I haven't been to Houston in a couple years so I'm not sure what has sprung up.

Can anyone suggest a good restaurant (preferably Indian) that can service a group of 80 people?

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  1. Kiran's at 4100 Westheimer. Phone is 713-960-8472. Upscale, roomy, excellent service, not terribly expensive, and lots of Indian people eating there.

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    1. re: maryanntex

      Thanks for the suggestion Mary Ann! But I couldn't afford it for my parent's 25th when she (Kiran) owned Ashiana and as great as the food probably is at Kiran's my budget just can't handle it.

      1. re: variaas

        I haven't been to Bombay Brasserie since they moved to the Village, they used to be able to accomodate large parties. Another potential option would be the Aquariam downtown. The chef, AJ, is Indian and they may be able to work with you on the menu.

    2. I love the London Sizzler - my boyfriend is from the UK and I lived there for many years and this dive has amazing food, has room for parties, and is incredibley reasonable. In fact, the other night when we went for dinner we had drinks, appetizers, two main meals, and dessert for $50! I tell you I love this place, especially since everyone in there but us were Indian!!! Last suggestion is Gourmet India which is phenomenal - once you try it you will understand. It's more classic Indian and a very nice atmosphere - the owners used to own Bombay Palace but their new prices are a fraction of that. You won't be dissappointed by either place because they both have amazing food, room for parties, and are reasonably priced, promise!

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        That's a new place for me. I'll have to fly down to Houston for a weekend and do a tour of Indian restaurants. I asked my parents to provide me an invitee list and it's gone well above 100 people now. Looks like I may have to resort to catering from one of these restaurants and rent out a hall.