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Apr 20, 2007 10:16 PM

Ten Tables - is a group of eight too big?

Hi All,

I was thinking about going to Ten Tables for my birthday, and there'll be 8 of us for dinner. I've never been but with a name like ten tables, I'm assuming it's on the smaller side. Will they be able to acommedate 8?

If not any other suggestions of a nice birthday dinner, I was also considering Sweet Basil, or Casa Romero.



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  1. ten tables is definitely too small for a group of eight. their kitchen is tiny; it would would overwhelm them to come up with eight entrees simultaneously. casa romero has good food (service is iffy).

    you may try pho republique in the south end. good food and fun atmosphere. i have been there with a group of 10 and it went well. cuchi cuchi in cambridge is another fun place that works for groups so long as you are not going on a saturday night.

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      I was at a private party there recently with 20 or so people. The food was amazing, the staff were fantastic and all of our entrees came out together and were very good.

    2. I suspect that despite a tiny kitchen, Ten Tables routinely plates eight entrees at once during a busy dining room service. I wouldn't necessarily write them off. Call the restaurant to check: it is a terrific place, and a great value. It does fill up fast, though, so make a reservation plenty ahead of time, and don't be surprised to see a set gratuity (18-20%) automatically added to your check.

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        IIRC my parents, when calling to book a dinner with friends, were told that Ten Tables would accommodate a res for 8 but anything greater required booking the entire restaurant.