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Apr 20, 2007 10:12 PM

Bad 2 da Bone BBQ, Near LAX

So, here I am visiting Los Angeles... my rollercoaster plans ruined by unexpected rain. I decide that a $15 hamburger from the hotel restaurant isn't going to cut it for dinner, so I set out to explore the LAX area, looking for something that isn't a chain or steamtable chinese buffet.

Driving up Century, I drive past a sign "Bad 2 da Bone BBQ". Turning into their tiny (TINY!) parking lot, I find an equally tiny BBQ restaurant. At first, I'm a bit put off by the bullet-proof ordering window, but the BBQ smells draw me in anyway.

I order some pork ribs, and scurry back to my hotel, my rental car filled with a smokey sweet smell that portends much better ribs than I deserve for being this close to the LA airport.

Let me tell you, these ribs almost make up for missing my coasters... Lean, tender and nicely smokey, topped with a tangy, slightly spicy sauce. The sides were a mixed bag... I got BBQ beans, which were great, and potato salad, which was above average, but not as good as the rest of the meal. For desert, a tiny little sweet potato pie filled the last nooks and crannies, and was a perfect rich, sweet foil for the rest of the meal.

If you find yourself stuck near LAX and are in the mood for some good BBQ, this place is a terrific alternative to the Chili's/Coco's/Dennys/whatevers that seem to populate the airport vicinity.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I'm not too far away from LAX and would be willing to give this place a try just because I like BBQ...

    1. Thanks for the info, but Century Blvd. is looong. Where is this place?

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        Just a little bit east of Inglewood...on the North side.

        I like Porky's BBQ better tho'. It is on Manchester...a little bit west of Prairie.

      2. The consensus here on Chowhound some time back was that the thicker the bullet proof glass the better the Q