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Apr 20, 2007 09:25 PM

Fresh caviar in Tampa Bay Area

Dying to find fresh caviar sold by the pound anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area--surely it exists! Jonesing especially for salmon roe. Does anyone know of a purveyor?

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  1. Just bought salmon roe at Red Square Deli. I believe that they had sturgeon also. If you go, they bake a delicious home made bread. You have to ask for it.

    Red Square Deli
    4023 W Waters Ave Suite #12
    Tampa, FL 33614-1948
    Phone: (813)901-8588

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    1. re: CFishman

      Thanks, that's awesome--I'm on my way!

      1. re: CFishman

        I go to Red Square Deli often. The red caviar is awsome and reasonable and especially one you buy the pound. Sometimes caviar packed in the cans is too salty. The owners will give you to taste it before you buy it, just ask. They do not bake bread there, it gets delivered from New York, but they make incredible sauekraut and beets salads.
        The assortment of salami and cheeses is enormous and it tastes incredible!!!
        I used to work right across and was shopping there a lot.

      2. you probably already knew, but there is all you can eat salmon caviar at Oystercatchers brunch. I usually get my money's worth right there haha

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          For really fresh caviar of many types; I order from it is the same used in the restaurant and their retail store in NYC. You will spend a few $$$ but the quality is unmatched. It is shipped overnight and arrives in perfect condition. The packing is also without comparison.

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            true, also petrossian paris is excellent.