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Apr 20, 2007 09:16 PM

Cuban Sandwiches @ James Place in Framingham

Today I had the best Cuban sandwich I've ever had. It was at James Place on Waverly Street (Rte. 135) in Framingham today. The place just opened and I heard of them through one of the val-pak coupons that come in the mail. The restaurant’s other offerings include ice cream, a hot dogs with a variety of fixins', or a pulled pork sandwich. The restaurant decor is no frills mom & pop pizza joint style.

The sandwich was made with Cuban bread, roast pork, spiced ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, and mustard. It was cooked to perfection on a sandwich press for about 3-5 minutes. Prior to being cooked, the top was brushed with something (I think it was butter, but didn't see exactly.)

I'll definitely go back for another Cubano, and I whole-heartedly encourage all the other hounds out there to check the place out and have a Cubano for yourself.

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  1. Interesting: chef originally from Martinique, restaurant specializing in hot dogs, Cubanos, and ice cream. Sounds like a discovery! More here:

    1. I drive by it all the time but never took it seriously - maybe because of its location. Thanks for the report. I will definitely give it a try.

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        thanks for posting this; I live in the area, and vaguely remember seeing something about it in the paper, but might not have tried it otherwise. Appreciate it!

      2. Thanks for the heads up! And just when I was ruing our move to the burbs. South Framingham really does have a nice variety of high quality chow. The Aztec for solid tacos, the various Brazilian bakeries and restaurants, Dakshin for Indian (RIP Udupi), Waverly for Italian imports and prepared foods, the Framingham Bakery for Sicilian pizza...not to mention the ethnic groceries on 126 (Asian, Russian, Brazilianan). Couple that with excellent regional Chinese and good Japanese on rte 9, B&R Bakery on 126, and Stone's Public House down the street in Ashlend and it almost makes me forget how desperately I miss good Thai and any Vietnamese. Speaking of 135 offerings, has anyone tried Trolley Dog?

        1. CORRECTION

          When I made this post, I mistakenly described the Cuban sandwiches as being made with Cuban Bread. I spoke with the owner, a very nice man, and this is not the case, it was made with French Bread which is very similar. Apparently, Cuban Bread has to always be baked fresh and used each day--and no place in the area makes it.

          And, once gain, I whole heartedly recommend James Place for great Cubanos.

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            they have great dogs and ice cream too! I'll have to try the cubano soon