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Apr 20, 2007 08:02 PM

best ice cream?

What are thought on the best ice cream or gelato downtown and western burbs? Our tastes tend toward interesting flavor choices (e.g., fruit) w/o chunks of sweet sticky stuff inside, not super-sweet, and on the creamier/richer side....

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  1. I know you are looking for downtown or west suburbs but my personal favorite is the Chocolate Shoppe in Skokie - IMHO some the best ice cream in the Chicago Land Area -

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      Chocolate Shoppe is GREAT!
      Just thought I'd toss my 0.02 here- Sweet Occaisions in Andersonville and Ravenswood- excellent creamy ice cream, terribly decadent and some unique excellent flavors.

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        The ice cream at Sweet Occasions is not very good - not homemade and you can tell the ice cream sits in the freezer. Walk a mile south to Bobtail on Southport - worth the hike.

    2. Are there any Oberweis outlets near you? Very good ice cream. I love the coffee ice cream and their strawberry is delicious.

      My dh loves Petersen's in Oak Park. They also serve diner-type food.

      Far west has Graham's Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream. I've only had it once but I remember thinking it was good. I think I had sherbet there.

      I am not sure I'd describe any of these as less than typically sweet, though. Still, they're worth a try if the locations are convenient!

      1. Try Canady, a wonderful chocolatier who also makes good gelati, in particular the mascarpone (creamy and rich with a tart undertaste) and the pistachio (nutty!)

        Canady Le Chocolatier Ltd
        824 S Wabash Ave,

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          1. I think you might like Capannari's in Mt. Prospect.

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              I second Capannari's. Whenever I go visit my parents we have to get ice cream here.