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Apr 20, 2007 07:27 PM

Early Breakfast or Pastries in Berkeley/Oakland?

Meeting a few out-of-town friends in the Rockridge/Temescal area tomorrow morning around 8 or 9 and I'm not sure what is open, or delish, for an early morning bite in that part of town. Looking for any thoughts on breakfast or pastries/coffee in the general area. Flexible in location and could even do Lake Merrit.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Chilaquiles at La Calaca Loca at 51st and Telegraph. Opens at 9:00 AM. If you need earlier, Rockridge Cafe opens at 7:30 AM. Nothing fancy, but I do like their ricotta pancakes a lot. You could also just grab some tasty scones at Bakesale Betty (51st and Telegraph). They open at 7:00 AM. Haven't been yet, but Pizzaiolo also does toast, jam, and coffee starting at 7:00 AM. Also in the 51st and Telegraph area.

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      A 2nd on Bakesale Betty. It's very good and lives up to the praise. Everything is well prepared and very balanced and smooth. It really has a nice home quality it that it doesn't over power you with anything, isn't overly rich yet the flavor is there. Only downer, no where to sit.

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        There are stools, but they're not exactly conducive to a leisurely experience. The pear ginger scone is, however, worth standing for.

    2. I know Merritt Restaurant and Bakery opens at 6am on weekdays, not sure if they open that early on weekends.

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        Great pancakes at the Merritt.

      2. I love Oliveto's breakfast in their downstairs cafe. My favorites are the breakfast pizza, which has pancetta and eggs baked into it, and the polenta which is served with a warm and delicious fruit compote. They also seem to have a nice pastry selection, although I always order the pizza or polenta. I think they open at 9:00, but could be wrong.

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          8:00-11:00 AM for breakfast on weekends.

        2. It's not far to Sweet Adeline's for wonderful cinnamon buns, lemon meringue pie, etc. 63rd and Adeline. Breakfast quiche but no cooking to order. Great coffee.

          Bakesale Betty's lemon squares and other cake is outstanding but alas, the seating is minimal.

          Oh, oh, oh, if you don't mind a SUPER minimal order, Pizzaiola is open for toast and wonderful jam (really must try the meyer lemon one) and great coffee. Open I assume on Sunday. I don't think the nice folk there would object if you brought in cake from Bakesale's and had it with the coffee--you could ask. I did two weeks ago, brought in some for the working staff at Pizzaiola, too. They'll probably stop this once they serve an expanded menu. The atmosphere was serene in the quiet am and perfect for talking.

          Oops, too late. You meant this am. Sorry.

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            Pizzaiolo not open Sunday but extended hours and extended offerings of pastries. Open to noon.

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              and you can buy the jam from Pizzaiolo! Great gift to go for out of town guests.
              Even if you just go here for coffee it's insanely amazing.

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                My daughter brought it to take home to the OC but... Can't fly with jam!

                Rachel's jam is outstanding. And the Pizzaiolo space is so calming in the am.