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Apr 20, 2007 07:26 PM

Las Vegas--strip dining

We're going to Vegas for a conference and staying at the Venetian and won't have a car. Looking for good dining suggestions. Two nice meals, willing to spend $150 pp including tax and tip. We enjoyed Michael Mina last time. Maybe a steak and/or seafood place.

Also casual lunch spots and light breakfast options with good solo dining. Good bars for cocktails and hanging out with friends and collegues. Finally which of the buffets is the best: Mirage, Bellagio, or Wynn? We have to hit one for the experience.

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  1. what city are you coming from ? does the $150 include drinks and if so, are you the pre-dinner cocktail and bottle of wine with the meal type ? how many people at dinner ?

    as to the bars ...all the top casino's have nice lounges - the funny thing is, i've only been to one lounge at the venetian - it's near restaurant row...forgot the name, but it was a cool, hip place. i think for the vegas experience you should consider the voodoo lounge, mix and rain playboy club ( tip - if you go to palms - hit rain first, the cover is $10...this gives you access to the other bars/niteclubs in palms...but if you start at playboy club the cover is $20 ) for the spectacular views...i feel mix has the best drinks of those three and the best view...the bathrooms are also an "experience"...the lounges at bellagio are very nice - caramel makes some top notch marguerita's. the fontana lounge patio ....i can sit out there all day ( assuming it's a nice day ) fix ( bellagio ) and stack ( mirage ) are great places to go for drinks and apps and to hang with the hipsters....and i really liked the lounge near Love the cirque show at mirage....the only prob with fix and stack is it gets a little loud...earlier is always better...personally, for hanging with collegues, good drinks and a great view go with the fontana lounge ( but if you are coming in next's being used for the wpt championship so it ain't open )

    i've only been to bellagio and wynn buffets and i liked them both...i've decided to try the mirage buffet next week...i will report on that...hopefully with pics...others have commented that it's better than wynn and bellagio...i find that hard to believe but we'll see...also, the palms new buffet will probably be opening in the next week or so...might be worth a look.

    For casual lunch - my choices are the burger bar at mandalay and mesa grill at caesars ( though it can get pricey ) - if you hit burger bar - you'll walk by 55 degrees - a wine bar - take a peek inside to see if that might be an option for drinks in the evening if you are with some wine drinkers...

    1. For steak, I would recommend Charlie Palmer at the Four Seasons, or BOA at Caesar's. As for breakfast, there's Canyon Ranch cafe and Bouchon, both of which are the venetian. As for bars...I really like Firefly. It's not that far from the strip (it's on Paradise Road) and it has a great atmosphere.