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Apr 20, 2007 07:11 PM

Korean food in Hong Kong

Can anyone recommend an authentic Korean restaurant in Hong Kong? I'm looking more for kitchen food (like chiges and noodles), not the barbequed meats.


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  1. You might like my friend John's restaurant, Mr. Kim's Contemporary Cuisine ( It's "bistro style": there's no barbeque at the table and no banchan. You can of course get grilled meat like their firecracker chicken, or kalbi on a skillet. There are a variety of dishes beyond the ordinary soondubu chige, including a few from John's aunt. I've been three times, and my favorites were a leek pajun, a grilled mackerel (I had it when the menus only had Korean and the English translation, not sure about its Korean name), japchae, and a squid chige. They seem to rotate the menu periodically so you will probably find some different offerings.

    I'm not Korean (the owner, the chef, and many of the customers are) but I have enjoyed a lot of Korean food over the years and I keep coming back here. It's a non-traditional approach with small dishes and relatively subtle spices, so it sounds like it may fit what you're looking for.

    1. i had a fairly good meal at myung ga in the world trade center building in causeway last week. it's on the third floor. aside from your typical barbequed meats, they also offer nang myun, dolsot bibimbap, chiges, etc. i especially liked their panchan offerings - and they refill two of them free of charge.

      1. Next to the Wing On department store in Sheung Wan, there are a couple of good Korean restuarants too. Pretty Korean and half of the customers are Korean. I used to travel to Korea every week for work and this tasted pretty local to me.