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Apr 20, 2007 06:37 PM


I ate at Taste about a month ago with some colleagues of mine and had an exquisite meal. In fact, it was the best I'd had in Burlington in a while. I ate there again tonight with my wife, and had quite a different experience. I hate that consistency is such an absence in restaurants around here. I just want a place where every time I go there, everything is well done! Any suggestions out there???

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  1. I'd love to hear about your experiences, good and bad, at Taste. I haven't been yet myself but have been reading rave reviews from other hounds.

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        I haven't been. Tell me a little about it.

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        When I went with my colleagues we all had 3 courses. Soup, appetizers and I had the tuna for my main meal. It was amazing!!! The atmosphere is wonderful and cozy, the service was great, and it was overall a 10. But, I went there last night... what a drastic difference! I again had 3 courses. The soup tasted like it came from a can, the salad was overdressed and soggy and I had the tilapia. Where it came up short in presentation, it lacked even more in seasoning and flavor. The stuffing inside of it was nothing short of disappointing. How can you go wrong with crab?... I'm Really hoping they get it together, because to date, I have yet to have had a dining experience in VT like I had at Taste a month ago.