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Leftover Risotto Milanese

It was delicious with dinner, but what should we do with the leftovers?

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  1. I usually make little cakes (like crabcakes), dust them with a bit of flour and saute them in a fragrant olive oil - great for a summer lunch, for breakfast, or for a nice side dish.

    1. nuke it for brekkie the next day (or eat it cold) yummm

      1. Arancini! Wish I was there to help you eat them ;-)

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          I love that there's actually a name for this recycled leftover dish! Googling "arancini" linked me to this definition: "An Italian rice ball made with white wine risotto, and a gooey mozzarella center. Fantastic for lunch or dinner." So I'm going out this morning to get some of those little mozzarella balls (I know THEY have a name, too -- but it escapes me at the moment.) YUM!

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            You can use the mozzarella balls or just cubes of mozzarella. Below's my report on some arancini I made w/ leftover risotto that wasn't that stellar. The arancini were great though!


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            So we used the leftover risotto in arancini last night -- and they were great! I made patties about 3" in diameter and put a chunk of fresh mozzarella in the middle of each. Coated them with panko and sauteed them for a couple of minutes on each side until they were golden brown. Thanks for your recommendations!!

          3. What is "leftover risotto"??? Never heard of it.

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              *LAUGH* The recipe called for two cups of arborio rice. There were only two of us at dinner, and the risotto was a side dish.

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                I always make extra risotto. It might be one of the best re-heated dishes out there, and it's even good cold. Some of my risottos taste better the 2nd day.

                One meal of risotto is never enough!!

            2. I forget the name, but this is actually a dish offered in Milanese restaurants, I have heard. Heat some olive oil and butter in a sautee pan, add a thin layer of leftover risotto, cook till crispy and flip, cook the other side, serve.

              1. I have never tried it because we never have leftovers either, but I say Lydia Bastionich stick them in a ramekin and bake and egg yolk on top with parmesan cheese and another one that I don't remember exactly, but it was a deep oven safe cup, greased and perhaps sprinkled with breadcrumbs, lined with leftover risotto and inside stuffed with whatever you like - such as cheese and proscuitto and then to the top you add more risotto. Bake and unmold. Looked fantastic and I am sure you could stuff with whatever you like.

                1. To the question of what it is? Jfood always make more than required for the first meal. The it goes in a remekin and into the frisge, Next night I add a little water and into the MV. Not the 10 from the first night but an 8 ain't so bad.

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                    Okay, confession time -- I RARELY do leftovers. Oh, I go through the motions, put stuff in containers or wrap them, put them in the fridge, but even as I'm doing that I know that I'll eventually toss them. To me, leftovers taste so... well, left over -- past their useful life, a compromised meal at best. The few exceptions are brisket or braised meats that really do get better the next day, and pasta sauce. But now I can add leftover risotto to my list of useful leftovers.

                  2. Found this post when I googled "leftover risotto milanese". I made the best milanese last night, but it's just 2 of us, so I have PLENTY left over. I will try the arancini - they sound delicious!