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Apr 20, 2007 04:55 PM

Getting in asmuch as I can at MILK-please help!

I am going to MILK for the first time on Sunday. Won't have others to share with. I can each much more than the average girl but don't want to get sick.

That said...I am looking for combos of items (desserts only, no "real food") that will help me sample the best of the best at MILK. As an example, I probably don't want to order a shake b/c that would fill me up. Of course, I do want to order some ice cream...and bon bons, baked goods, etc.

I am willing to take home baked goods if they are OK the next day or bon bons, ice cream sandwiches if they will sit 3 hours in an ice box in my car without melting. The other stuff I will eat in one sitting.

Please help- I rarely go to this part of the city and want to make the most of my trip :-)


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  1. I really liked their jalapeno corn muffins, and their chocolate cookies are excellent (albeit very rich). Also, last time I was there, they had little bags of chocolate almond toffee that was really good. The ice cream bars are delicious, but very big, so maybe not the best choice if you're trying to sample lots of stuff and can't share. The 25¢ bonbons are small, and very good, but I think they usually only have three or four choices. Still, that's probably the way to go. Don't know if they give out free ice cream tastes, but it'd be worth asking. Hope you like it. Let us know what you think.

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    1. re: David Kahn

      Thanks David- for me, the richer the better. I will take some cookies home for sure!

    2. I would grab a bunch of the pastries to go. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well they keep over the course of the day (or even overnight). In fact, I've bought bacon/cheddar scones at night and had them for a delightful breakfast the next day.

      That way, you can save your on location appetite for some of their confections and cakes.

      1. Hey Running Pig - I was planning on making a run to Milk some time soon as well, and because it's in an area I don't frequent, I wanted to make the most of my trip as well. Since dry ice is readily available now at alot of supermarkets, I was thinking of loading some in my ice chest - that way I'd be ready for "hunting bear" on my trip to Milk. The only caveat would be to keep the ice chest in the trunk as the carbon dioxide from the ice chest will knock you out if chest is in the cab with you - or just keep the windows open.

        All along I thought you were a guy until I read this post and you mentioned, "average girl." First, my apologies for addressing you in guy terms all along, and second - I don't think there is anything average about you! Good luck on MILKing it.

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          Hey know, I always consider myself "one of the guys" anyway. I eat as much as a guy but the marathon running keeps me fairly slender. AND- thank you for the the dry ice idea...I just may go for it :-)

          1. re: running pig

            Why don't you and bulavinaka go together?? Since you are both going alone and then you can write a review---

            Anyway I like the chocolate chip cookies, they keep well the next day. You can sample the ice creams. I didn't care for the hazelnut mandellion. The chocolate muffin not bad either. I would eat the ice cream there and take the baked goods home and have them for breakfest, lunch or as an evening snack or all three.


            1. re: hazelnutty

              OOOH! A Chowhound set up! Actually, I was wondering if people from this site ever get together to try out new places! It would be fun!

              1. re: running pig

                Hazelnutty - AKA Double Trouble - is going to get my neck twisted by my better half...besides, if you can eat like a guy, I'd go hyngry and broke as I'm always counting on cleaning up what my wife doesn't finish! That would be a pretty great idea, though. I wonder if Chowhound allows such an announcement on their boards? What better way to build community and share thoughts and experiences? The etherworldness of cybercom can often seem very two-dimensional...

                1. re: hazelnutty

                  Hazelnutty - my tagname for you is going to be Double Trouble if keep this up... My wonderful wife (is she looking over my shoulder?) would probably have a thing or two to say about that...

                  Sounds like you've done a good job sampling across their range of goods. If you were to choose, what three things (hopefully at least that many) impressed you there?

                    1. re: running pig

                      You're incorrigible... gotta love that! I don't know how close you are to Mateo's on Sepulveda in Culver City - it's a Mexican style paletas store. The blogger Feedme on the "Watermelon" post just mentioned a paleta that you might be interested in - bananas and cream...

                      Mateo's is a humble place but their selection of paletas is pretty amazing, and it sounds like they currently have pitaya (dragonfruit) in a sorbet. As Milk and Bulgarini seem to be getting the lion's share of attention right now, little places like Mateo's are still worth a visit...

            2. Last week when I was there, they had a delightful strawberry shortcake as a special. I don't know if they'll have it again this weekend, but it's definitely worth it to see if they have any specials.

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              1. re: sidwich

                got Milk today... I have to say the sandwich was very good, but the Ice Cream Sunday was the BEST I have ever had. I found myself thinking this evening that I would like to go back just for the Ice cream. If you like icecream this is for you!

                1. re: sweetslover

                  Which sandwich did you have? Details...

                  1. re: sweetslover

                    Hi, I had the chicken with mushroom pressed sandwich. I was good, not the best. I also had the cob, also good not the best, lacking an inventive dressing. But, like I said I would return and never miss out on the icecream..

                2. Well, everyone...thanks for your advice! I was a little less hungry than I anticipated (this rarely happens) but managed to go with an active sweet tooth! I was impressed by the displays---so often, lines in ice cream parlors and bakeries block your ability to check everything out before hand. Spreading out the baked goods and ice cream treats helps with this. Some employees were buzzing by, very focused but others were quite friendly. One offered me tastes...I was not overwhelmed by the vanilla bean or the banana dulce de leche (but in all fairness, I always think that samples served on wooden spoons taste more like wood than anything else). I decided to go with the coffee toffee crunch, which was AWESOME. I loved the perfect balance between iciness and creaminess (are these words???) It melted slowly, with very nice consistancy throughout.

                  I also really liked my 2 bon bons (choc mint and coffee toffee) and agree they are a wonderful bargain at a quarter each.

                  I also had a slice of the apple toffee cake and thought it was delicious. Others may argue that you cannot taste the toffee...true...but I loved the moistness, the tart apples and generous walnut chunks. Excellent. Please note that they give you a big, heavy slice! Very attractive prices.

                  I did notice a young woman eating a fantastic meal...she told me she got the last was a cheese-stuffed artichoke with poached egg atop. WOW, did it look good. As a matter of fact, I was one of only a few eating ice cream instead of a meal.

                  If in the area, DO GO!

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                  1. re: running pig

                    Great play-byplay... I'm surprised you didn't just get the banana dulce de leche without question - I totally agree about the wooden spoon deal. Tasting the wooden spoon reminds of eating ten cent ice cream out of the plastic cups at the liquor stores - they came with those wooden spoons and I remember the wood taste more than that of the ice cream...

                    You're scary - you ONLY had the ice cream, bon bons, and a big heavy slice of cake... I am sure this was your snack. Maybe I can borrow your tapeworm so I can shed a few pounds...I promise that I will feed it well. =)

                    1. re: bulavinaka

                      I know, after bragging about my eating capacity I am almost ashamed to limit the report to a few items. To tell the truth, I am taking a cruise with my family in 4 days and probably held back...pre-cruise diet.

                      ...and I am just a little scared, did you know that I almost ordered the dulce de leche without trying it first? Wierd....... Great stomachs eat alike???

                      1. re: running pig

                        We went today as well- it was our first time visit. We don't normally get out to this part of town much, but we were going to the American Girl Store at the Grove. We decided to go here as my 4 year old likes anything dairy- so how could we pass up a place called MILK. He had the Cookies and Cream bar, my daughter had the Milky Way shake, and my wife and I split a blondie sundae (blondie brownie/ vanilla ice cream/ praline pecans (I think) and carmel). There was a vanilla tres leches cake that was calling my name as well, but I passed...

                        One of the workers in the kitchen was especially kind. As it was a little chilly outside, we ate indoors at two tables for 2 in the back hallway, which was no big deal. He saw us through the glass in the kitchen, came out, and offered to move tables around to accomodate us.

                        1. re: running pig

                          I was taking a shot at some light sarcasm - when I stated that you ONLY had... I was really saying - WOW - you ate all of that at one place and seemed to consider that not much?

                          Didn't mean to spook you... you seem to often show your penchent for bananas in your posts (think Amandine)... it just surprised me that you didn't just order 5 gallons of it right there on the spot with two serving spoons at the ready. C'mon - bananas, dulce de leche, combined in ice cream - need I say more?

                          For you, it's a great stomach that is rippled as a washboard. For me? Belly. :)) Hope you have a great cruise...

                          1. re: bulavinaka

                            And you have a super memory! Ah, I am hankering for some Amandine :-)

                            1. re: running pig

                              Was there Sunday... bagette, chocolate croissants, orange creme rolls, and drum roll please... Chocolate banana danish! A handful of bon bons from Milk would have sealed the deal. =(

                              1. re: bulavinaka

                                MMMMMMM Orange creme rolls? What are those like?

                                1. re: running pig

                                  If you've ever had a baked Chinese or Japanese bun (bao or manju), the roll, or bread part is very similar. It's egg-washed with a few slits on top and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The filling is a creamy cheese - I don't know if it's cream cheese though (maybe French double cream?) - with lots of orange zest. Obviously, the flavor screams of orange essence, but is tempered by the cream. As much as I liked it, I don't think of it going well with coffee, and it might be a better match with tea, but it's not sweet enough to compliment a plain unsweetened tea. Definitely a unique pastry.

                      2. re: running pig

                        Three of us went to Milk on Saturday afternoon after reading your OP and were so pleased that Five of us went today, Sunday, after eating at Carney’s. Saturday I tried the Milky Way Shake made with Five plus scoops of vanilla with a malted chocolate blended in. Recall Pulp Fiction and that Five dollar shake that was good but not worth five dollars? This Shake IS worth five dollars. Sooooo much real cream. Tonight I had just the vanilla shake and it was also very good. Those gooey chocolate chocolate chip cookies caused me to say OMG two times and one “Oh man” while eating just half of one. The best cookie I have ever had – it now cost $1. I think someone said it was 75 cents a week ago?

                        On Saturday my wife had a chocolate and vanilla ice cream sundae on top of a brownie that was warm. She has felt guilty ever since and today she would only order a single scoop of chocolate. That chocolate with those chips in it is so perfect. Her brownie sundae was a dream and she will have another someday for sure.

                        The Blue Velvet cake is a perfect vehicle for eating smooth cream cheese and Blue berries that seem to pop in your mouth. My daughter-in-law almost finished it but when she had four bites to go she closed the box and said she had to save it for when the night was over. Yep, her tongue turn blue after just several bites.

                        Bon bons, the chocolate mint were so good but I like bon bons to be frozen solid as a rock. These were frozen but still soft. The chocolate was just thick enough to taste yet did not take away from the taste if that great ice cream.

                        Four of us really liked the strawberry shortcakes. My wife and I took them as a desert to our son’s house last night. I was the one who was unpleased with it. The reason I was not happy is the same reasons the other four liked them. The yellow custard filling was good but I would rather have had good old whipped cream. The strawberries were perfect. They were sliced in half and positioned like columns around the perimeter and actually supported the top half of the HARD scone. Of the six we bought Saturday the inside had no strawberries under the top lid. The perimeter of sliced strawberries were a facade – empty inside! Today my son had one and it was filled with strawberries inside. What I did not like was the hard shell that I expected to be fluffy. When I poked my fork in the top (covered with powered sugar) it simply collapsed the entire thing because the fork never penetrated the scone. All the others liked it and simply picked it up and ate it with their fingers. We will be going to Milk often.

                        1. re: JeetJet

                          I also noticed from previous postings that the prices have already gone up. But I am not suprised given recent reports about rising dairy costs...and, oh yeah, the popularity of this potentially-addicitive little place. I would say prices are still quite competitive. Now, if they actually brought out silver milkshake canisters....