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Apr 20, 2007 04:51 PM

Research: Korean BBQ - Westside - Japanese owned (not gyu-kaku)

Foodies and/or gluttons,
A sushi chef, formerly of Kiriko on Sawtelle (Daisuke), once told me about a korean bbq place a few blocks east of Sawtelle (on Olympic or Pico I believe) that was Japanese owned. He said it was one of the 3 best beef places in the U.S. and wouldn't open if they weren't happy with the quality of their meat. In my heart, I believe this place exists.

Anyone have any idea what he may have been referring to? I need to know a westside place for k-bbq that doesn't involve me having to go to woo lae oak... (Woo Lae Oak is fine, but you know, fine doesn't cut it when I seek the sublime).

Thanks, Nuggets

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  1. Manpuku...It's on Sawtelle and it's good...

    get the Negi Tan Shio

    EDIT: Opps...ur talking about the secret place on Pico...My bad

    1. Yes, it does exist.
      It's Totoraku (the "secret place") and I see that others have already posted here. It's by invitation only --- you must have their business card or know someone that has one to get in. I was fortunate enough to be invited and yes, it was very delicious.

      Here's a previous post:

      1. TOTORAKU is not a "few" blocks east of sawtelle, but it is probably one of the best beef spots in L.A. it is not korean BBQ, it's japanese yakiniku (or grilled meat). it is sublime, but at about $150/pp not really comparable to WLO. the chef is notorious picky about his customers.

        1. Thank you everyone... Appreciate the help very much.
          Can't wait to try this place! - Nuggets