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Apr 20, 2007 04:31 PM


Had dinner last nite at this new outpost for chef/owner Marco Canora's talent. I think he has hit a home run! The restaurant looks similar to his place, Hearth, in the EV. Although I always enjoyed my meals a hearth, it was alittle out of the way to bring us back regularly. But i know I will be back to Insieme Manytimes. Along with master wine person (don't know how to spell that somm... word), Paul Grieco, they have created a quiet sanctuary just north of times square. Paul started us with a wonderful white wine that I wish i could remember the name of. Then I had the crudo, tuna, salmon belly and yellowtail, each prepared differently wih the best (and they were all good) being the yellowtail which was served in an " ice "shot glasss with little pearls of what I thought was mango. Whatever, it was great. My dining companion had the wagyu beef and asparagus in a nice broth with la tur ravioli--yum!
Next I had the Med. bass saltimboca, which was a perfectly cooked piece of fish with crisp skin on top, a couple of sage leaves,tempura style, and a wonderfully crisp triangle of proscuitto, over a bed of wilted spring onions. My friend had the salmon which looked as good as she said it tasted.
For dessert I opted for wine, and again was directed to a lovely semmillion. My friend, a sweets freak, had the Affogato, vanilla gelato with espresso poured over. She left none--I guess she liked it.
In any case, cudos to Paul and Marco for this lovely addition to midtown which is only 3 subway stops away.

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  1. Hi berna,

    Thanks for the great review! Sounds like a promising restaurant. Do you mind telling how much the dinner cost? How would you compare it with Hearth foodwise?

    Thanks again for your wonderful recap!

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      Good morning kobetobiko,
      Dinner, including the wine was about $175 (before tip). There are two sides to this menu. The left side contains more traditional Italian fare, but updated versions of, for example risi bisi, lasagna etc Don't really remember this side as well as we ordered off the other side of ths menu. This side is more representative of the chef's food at Hearth and as i said in my review, was teriffic! They have a temp. website but you'll have to google it as I don't remember the exact address. Btw, i've always enjoyed your informative reviews and have followed your recs several times. Happy Dining!

      1. re: berna

        Hi berna,

        Thank you so much for your reply! I like Hearth very much and am very glad to hear that Insieme got your first approval! Hope to try it out soon and Happy Dining to you too!