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Desert Island Restaurants

Okay... so remember that old game:
What 10 CDs would you take if you were stuck on a desert island?

Let's play in a new way:

What THREE (it's a small island) Los Angeles restaurants would you want to have with you if you were stuck on desert island?

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  1. Monte Alban, Tacos Baja Ensenada, and (I know it's not a restaurant exactly) Beverly Hills Cheese Store.

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    1. re: glutton

      thanks for teh idea of bringing a cheese store. i may be able to live without a cell phone, the internet, an iPod and a navigation system, but a girl cannot live without cheese, and lots of it.

      1. re: lotta_cox

        I agree! I'm moving to glutton's island, mine seems rather boring by comparison.

    2. Mozza, Orris and a taco cart!

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      1. re: hrhboo

        i am unfamiliar with orris, though. must be westside

      2. Brents, Fogo, Weiner Factory.

        1. Langer's -- http://langersdeli.com/
          Mi India Bonita -- 4731 E. Olympic Blvd., (323) 267-8505, and
          Lucques -- http://www.lucques.com/

          1. Urasawa
            In N Out

            1. Caioti
              The Counter
              Wokcano (only because it has both Chinese and Japanese)

              1. Sharkeez (because you need a place like that on an island) - the Sunday noon version, not the Saturday night version....

                Taverna Tony...

                ... and one of the Chan Daras...

                Which reminds me... L.A. is somewhat short on cold, dark, dank cavern-type restaurants, which would be a bonus on a desert island, I figure. It's also short on places with shaded swim-up bars in pristine, expansive pools, which would get my vote for one of the three.

                Edited to add... mainly, I would really hope the island was not one of the Hawaiian ones.

                One of my favorite restaurants to have on a desert island would actually be the Irish pub in Hamilton, Bermuda: cold 'refrigerated' type a/c, dark, Internet access, great rum swizzles and Diet Coke, and some of the best french fries ever.

                1. I'm thinking Urasawa, Joe's, and Lucky Baldwin's.

                  Just think of the seafood options between Urasawa and Joe's...

                  Rehashing the arduous task of wavecounting over goblets of Belgian beer would make any desert island day - or night - worth considering over and over again...

                  1. These are my choices today, could change tomorrow and heck, could change in the next hour or so ...


                    *Angelini Osteria


                    1. It depends...if I'm on a small island, do I have to PAY to eat at these places?

                      If not:

                      If I have to pay:

                      Follow Your Heart
                      Sushi House of Taka (or Midori, if I really want to save)

                      If I did, but had the island water market cornered and was thus rich, but yet slighlty thrifty:

                      Sushi House of Taka
                      Il Tiramisu
                      Angeli Caffe

                      If I had no worries about my waistline, as the island has a full gym, all cleverly made with coconuts:
                      Woodlands Pure Veggie (it's still gotta lota oil, carbs and fried stuff, gang)
                      Leda's bake shop
                      Pie n Burger

                      I coud go on with diffferen scenarios, but the Skipper over there has a twich in his eye and that dang hat ready.

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                      1. re: Diana

                        Oh, well, if we're talking no dieting/nutrition considerations needed, that's a whole new world. I'd have to add an Italian place, consider who does the most decadent deep-frying and desserts. (I'm so out of practice on such that I'd need help choosing or time to choose.)

                        However, I'm dubious about whether waistlines would magically slim on an island (unless the weight gain really was stress-related at least)... as Hurley on Lost has not... lost.

                      2. I'd have to choose places with variety so

                        Brent's Deli (for breakfast, lunch OR dinner)
                        Providence (I could have a different tasting menu every time)
                        Il Pastaiao (because I couldn't live without pasta)

                        1. ok. lessee.

                          i will take:

                          silverlake cheese store

                          I would have chosen sushi gen, but i am assuming i will learn to catch my own fish to make sashimi. I also would have taken el siete mares, but again, I am going to be catching fish and I will grow my own limes.

                          1. Okay. Hmm, lets see.

                            Since I gotta have Mexican food: Babita

                            Can't get along without pizza so, poof! Vito's is relocated once again

                            and finally it's gotta be the Costco snack bar -- this is a must because it's attached to Costco which would have to come with it! ;-D

                            1. Luques
                              Mei Long Village

                              1. Assuming that I can catch and make my own albacore sashimi and that I don't mind becoming insanely obese...

                                (K's Donut Emporium)
                                Hilton Universal buffet (I get a bit of everything)
                                (can't decide on an Italian place)

                                1. Pho So 1

                                  The first two are easy calls because of their huge menus. Spago narrowly beats out Grace because that tasting menu is so goshdarn good.

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                                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                                    Ok, I'll be needed someone to to mix my drinks so I'll have to choose The Hungry Cat...with all the fresh squeezed juices, I know I wont be getty scurvy and they sure know what to do with anything that swims or chills on the bottom of the ocean...damn, I wont clam chowder right now...they better put it back on the menu soon.
                                    Two: Izayoi...again, they know what to do with the sea critters and boy, they sure know how to perfectly fry up those fish bones and have enough sake choices to wash anything down.
                                    Joel Robuchon cuz they've got it all...even if there was no one to serve me, I'd be happy with their bread cart for about 3 years...then there is the cheese cart...oh my god, so much creamy goodness to choose from...mmmmmmmmm, oh, a cheese-memory moment, sorry...then the petite fours (I can eat but I can't spell) cart...geepers, the things I'd do for all those little goodies...oh wait, I once used my weekend's per diem just to have access to those sweet things..the wine list...my god, send me to an island.