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Apr 20, 2007 04:04 PM

Paul's Kitchen.....Anyone???

So a buddy of mine told me about Paul's kitchen in Downtown and not in China Town.
He swears by it but I've never heard of it and it's not too far from me either.
He also claims It's Tommy Lasorda's favorite place.
SO I ask you folks........Is it good, hours, beer wine, do they deliver??
What to order??

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  1. In the wholesale produce market district downtown L.A.
    Paul's Kitchen, 1012 S. San Pedro St. 213-749-5004
    Depression Era American Chinese food. They've been known to deliver if you're market adjacent. If you're aping Tommy, get the egg rolls.

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    1. re: Gohantabeyoka

      If you're aping Tommy you won't be paying for them. ;-D

    2. I like regardless of what some say, old school amercan-chinese. Been going since i was a kid with friends families. I drove by last weekend to make sure they are still there. I would have eaten but just had 5 Original Bills Tacos. I was stuffed! Report back on Paul's, I have not been in about 7-10 years.

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        so then it sounds like a lunch counter or sit down??
        I'm think an order for pick up might do the trick.
        Other then the egg rolls which we'll get what's a good noodle and or meat dish?
        Thanks for the help.

        1. re: afs

          AFS, you're so persistent, mang. Hungry?
          This may help:

          I'm kinda partial to the tomato beef. But for me, it has to be eaten out of a steaming takeout container @ 4 a.m.
          But note the "Tommy Lagorda" special. That just mite be what you be seeking, grasshopper.

          1. re: Gohantabeyoka

            I can't believe that they are still around. I'll have to tell my spouse. He ate there all of the time when he was training at U.S.C. County Hospital.

            1. re: afs

              Counter, booths or take out. Forget about the egg rolls, you'll be disappointed.
              Get some BBQ pork chow mein, shrimp with lobster sauce and beef and peppers.

            2. re: Burger Boy

              Luckily nothing's changed there--the food, decor and owner is the same.

            3. I have a fondness for their Chinese Chicken Salad and paper wrapped chicken. They have a very spicy beef something. Pepper beef? Loved this place in my downtown fashion working days, and still stop in on rare occasion, when in the 'hood, picking up or dropping off someone at the train station. Nothing fancy about the salad, but simple and hits home every couple of years!

              1. Actually that was the old Chinatown at one time.
                Yes, a well known lunch haunt of Tommy Lasorda's and he said it probably contributed to his bad health. Dodger pictures and memorabilia and pictures of LA celebrity's adorn the wall of fame. Picture of Yao Ming(not in his Rockets uniform), but the owner told me it was Ming's father who came in to eat.

                Classic old fashioned Cantonese cuisine served in those stainless steel pedestal dishes. Open I think at 11am and closes at 8pm Monday-Sunday. Beer & Wine only.

                Much better than the one in Monterey Park which has nicer ambience, but I think the MP location pre-cooks a lot of dishes and slaps on the sauce. Think the MP location has become more into nightly entertainment like different bands and the bar biz.

                Things to order:
                Order a couple dishes and I think they'll bring you either seaweed soup or egg flower soup. Seaweed soup is my favorite-ask for it if you want it..otherwise I think they bring egg flower soup for the faint hearted. Love the fried chow mein noodles they serve, not many places do that anymore.

                Almond duck
                BBQ pork chow mein
                Tomatoe curry beef chow mein
                Chinese sausage --they make their own
                Wor wonton soup--you can make a meal out of it.
                Egg rolls--not so great in my opinion.

                You're either going to like it or hate it. But if you want that nostalgic feeling and taste of old style American Cantonese food, then it is the place.

                1. Went there once in a while, back in the 70's when I was working in the garment industry. It's not too far from the California Mart. SInce then I've spent many, many, many weeks in SouthEast Asia and no longer find this type of Chinese (memories of my youth on Long Island) of interest. If I recall correctly a lot of LA detectives used to eat there, as well as Tommy.

                  We also used to go to New Moon, which was just up the street I think. Paul's was down a few rungs on the authenticity scale from it, but not very far.

                  At some point, around the end of the 70's Yang Chow opened in Chinatown and I never looked back.