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Apr 20, 2007 03:50 PM

Great luncheon in Co. Springs, Suggestions? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

Will be in CO. Springs for daughters college graduation on May 17th - will have 10 plus people - any suggestions???

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  1. Adams Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs. Great, creative food, beer and wine as well.

    1. You cannot go wrong with any of the places at the Broadmoor.

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      1. re: Megiac

        This discussion should end with the above post. The Broadmoor--it's excellent, it's expensive, it's where you want to celebrate a special occasion....

        1. re: mardy

          Some would say that the Broadmoor makes every occasion special. For something less pricey, the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company -- a downtown brewpub is also a good bet.

      2. If you're going for fancy, the broadmoor is a good bet.I have heard good things about summit, but haven't tried it yet. The blue star is also excellent. For less fancy, the silver pond is great but still "nice".

        1. I also agree - The Broadmoor - - perfect for a special, memorable occasion!