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Apr 20, 2007 03:10 PM

[MSP] Pastel de Tres Leches

With Cinco de Mayo coming up soon, this seems like a good time to ask: where do YOU get your tres leches cakes? I'm after a great one.

I started out my search today with a slice at Bread, Coffee and Cake on Wabasha. I think I've mentioned that bakery here before, but this was the first time I've tried one of his cakes, and boy oh boy, maybe I don't need to go any further. It was fantastic. Best I've ever had. Flavorful, not too sweet, with a frosting that reminded me a little of the light boiled frostings my mother used to make (more substantial than just plain whipped cream, but not at all sugary or thick). So good I scraped the remnants off the plate with my finger, and I'm a woman who's known to detest most frostings. Best of all, although the cake was as moist as I would want it to be, there wasn't a pool of milk sitting under a soggy bottom. A great piece of cake.

I've tried Millie's Bakery (also on Wabasha) in the past and it was pretty darn good too, but I like BCC's much better. The one at the El Buritto Market bakery doesn't do it for me.

So although I'm tempted to call it a lucky day and just order from BCC, I thought I'd ask you chowhounds if there's something somewhere else that I just shouldn't miss. I'd prefer to find my celebration cake in St. Paul, but anywhere in the basic metro would be fine with me.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here are some references so far:

      At La Hacienda:
      At the Midtown Global Market: and
      At Durango Bakery:
      Plus several individual reports on 112 Eatery

      //Best of all, although the cake was as moist as I would want it to be, there wasn't a pool of milk sitting under a soggy bottom.

      One or two threads spawned discussions about what constitutes "good" tres leches cake. There are varying opinions on the milk puddle, for example. You might want to taste your way through the recommendations with that in mind.

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      1. re: KTFoley

        Thanks for the threads. Yes, I know some folks like the very puddle that bothers me. But in my experience, a puddle usually signals the difference between soggy (bad wet-puddle) and very moist (good wet-no puddle). It's probably some horribly thin line that separates the two.

      2. Ooooh, Connie, you're a woman after my own heart! I love pastel de tres leches - fancy or plain, dry or puddly, homemade or commercial-bakery-style - I love them all.

        Try La Serena Gorda at the Midtown Global Market. They have both vanilla and chocolate versions. It's quite moist but not puddly, and they drizzle the top with sauce.

        But they don't always have it - I tried three times before I hit them on a Tres Leches day, as reported in the April Mid-month Update thread (listed above, but here's the direct link to my post):

        I'd like to know how you think La Serena's version compares to the one at Bread, Coffee and Cake. Oh, I really need to try BC&C!


        1. I had dinner at French Meadow Bakery last night and they had Tres Leches cake in the pastry case and you could even order it by the slice. I opted for something lighter after my huge (and surprisingly good) dinner. But it looked really good...

          1. since we're talking about BCC i wanted to recommend their chorizo stuffed sourdough-- AMAZING! (sorry to break away from the tres leches discussion)......