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Apr 20, 2007 02:15 PM

Lu Din Gee: what to order?

I'm heading over to Lu Din Gee this weekend. Any recs on what to order? I already pre-ordered a roasted duck two way: with soup.

Any other suggestions? Not too into spicy dishes...

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  1. The eel and rice dish is also rather good - enormous portion, however. A group of four of us ordered the duck 2 days and the eel/rice dish, and left a good quarter of the duck and third of the rice behind.

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      i second the above rec for the eel. the rice is incredible. i actually think it's the best thing there next to the peking duck. i also had some nice thick tri-colored noodles, monkey king mushroom, and lightly fried dragon ball. as jacinthe says, portions are large.

    2. Try some of the konnyaku dishes - I'm partial to the one with the black fungus.

      Also, get the house special chicken.

      1. The duck can be very good. (The one at Mission 261 is my fav). The konyakku dishes really are good. I got a cold one, where it looked like green&yellow noodles. The eel with rice is the best dish, but mind you, is quite subtle in flavor.

        P.S. There's a dish there which is shrimp, canned pineapple, and mayonnaise. It's nothing complicated, tastes like 1950's indulgent retro grub, but nontheless, is delicious.