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Apr 20, 2007 02:10 PM

Le Papillon

Looking for a review of Le Papillon on Church. The menu looks extremely well-priced. Has anyone tried any of the mains? Thanks,

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  1. Bad food, bad service.

    1. food is terrible - veggies are grey, meat is over cooked and tough, crepes are bland and soggy

      and the chairs are THE worst, most uncomfortable in the city.

      that said, if you want to go, go soon, that entire block is being converted to condos and LP will be out of there soon

      1. Unfortunately for me, my mother-in-law LOVES Le Papillon... so I suffered through a meal there recently.

        The other posters are bang on. The food in bleh. The crepes haven't changed since the 70s. The servers seem unhappy. And the seating plus the tables are uncomfortable. It's often empty... no real surprise.

        The restaurant bills itself as Quebecois... Quebecers would separate if they ate there.

        I suspect the reason you can't find a review is because no reviewer feels the need to write about it. At best, you can call it a tourist trap. At worst... well, you get the point.

        If you can spend a bit more money, you may want to check out Biff's on Front Street, or JK Wine Bar across from Le Papillon. Haven't been to the Wine Bar, but it generally gets good feedback. Biff's bills itself as french bistro. It's fine, but not a five star experience. It is, however, way better than Le Papillon which should have closed eons ago.

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        1. re: Lotus Seedling

          I remember Le Papillon of the 70's and it was charming. Sorry to hear it's gone downhill. But here's the thing; I had arranged to take my 13 year old niece there for lunch before the theatre on her birthday. She's terribly excited and can't wait to try out her French on the waiters. Do you think from a kid's perspective this place might still have some appeal?

          1. re: Higgette

            I'd be surprised if the waiters spoke French. I remember that used to be the case in the 80s, during the restaurant's heyday. If your niece wants to try her French out, I suggest calling the restaurant first and asking them if their staff actually speak French. Otherwise, you'd both wind up sitting in uncomfortable chairs, eating bad food without even the benefit of being able to try to communicate in French!

            1. re: Higgette

              You would have a better chance of this at Batifole (Gerrard E), Jacques (Cumberland) or Le Paradis. None of these is near the downtown theatres, of course, and you would still need to call in advance to find out if any French speaking people are working.

              1. re: Higgette

                My waiter was Francophone when I went last year. I think your niece may like it.

                1. re: thought_for_food

                  I wouldn't count on a francophone server but I agree, depending on her level of sophistication/familiarity with Toronto restaurants, she might like this place just fine. If she's excited because she doesn't dine out much, it will probably do.

            2. The most uncomfortable chairs of any restaurant I have ever been to. Otherwise, unremarkable, as others have indicated.

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              1. re: Attknee

                OMG!! I was going to take someone there next week to impress them. I am so glad I read this thread. Maybe I will try JK Winebar instead.

                Whew, that was a close one!!

                1. re: Livingtoeat

                  OMG is right. I can second everything said about the food, the service and THE CHAIRS!

                  I'd sooner go to the Keg for some prime rib.

                  JK Winebar is a different class altogether. Ifr you order well, you can have a very good meal. Remember, though, they take reservations at lunch but not at dinner. If you can get there before six most weekday evenings, you can usually get in without a wait.

                  1. re: rsvp7777

                    ...and I can third everything everyone has said.

                    1. re: EPIcureanTO

                      Someone should finally bury this place beneath a pile of duck fat!