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Apr 20, 2007 02:10 PM

Quick Trip: Pho Avina's - Phoenix

Well, the "competing" CH lunch at Pho Avina's went well. Winedubar and I got there within 30 seconds of each other. I got the grilled pork banh mi and she got a combo with jambon, pork, and pate. I think that's what was in it. We also both got an order of the shrimp and pork fresh spring rolls. Everything was really good. She said she liked it about the same as Da Vang, but different. The rolls were fresh and very tasty. I wish my sandwich meat had been a bit warmer, but with all the cold veggies, it happens. I still loved it. She also got a boba of some variety. She agreed that the digs are definitely well above Da Vang. Service was good too. Much better than my first trip. I ordered another sandwich to go and the bill still only came to $21. Not bad for three sandwiches, four nice-sized spring rolls, and a boba drink. We also gawked at some of the other diners' plates and drooled just a little. :)

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  1. Thanks for the re-cap. I didn't know they had boba! I want to try that, but haven't been able to find a place west side. Now I have all the more motivation to hit it up some time.

    1. ah yes, the battle of the bahn mi....

      firenza indicated he liked this place more than da vang and i thought they were fighting words :D

      i thought it was indeed cleaner and shinier inside. the menu's were nicer. i thought it was much more of a vietnames cafe. i had the honeydew boba, which was great..i love those, and wish there were boba pushcarts all over central phoenix so i could get them everywhere. ahh, some day..

      the spring rolls were really nice and fresh. i'd give them 2 thumbs up. the dipping sauce was a bit thinner than the sauce at da vangs...

      the bahn mi was next - the pate and jambon were sliced really thin, and the bread was good. the pickled carrots were really good, and almost delicate.

      all in all, i'd be happy to go there again. i'd go there more often if it weren't so dang far from centeral phoenix.

      as far as a side by side comparison? well, i'm not sure its apples to apples. 'more upscale' isn't totally right, but i'd say 'more cafe'...da vangs isn't trying to be anything more than a dive. which it is :D

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      1. re: winedubar

        so who's food do you like better? : ) i did da vang's at your suggestion about a month ago and LOVED it.

        1. re: ccl1111

          well, the only things i tried were the spring rolls and the bahn my reviews only based on those. overall not fair since i've eaten almost every single thing on da vangs menu.

          but for what i had, here's where i declare winners :

          i'd give the spring rolls to pho avina, the dipping sauce to da vangs,

          and the bahn mi to da vangs. the carrots were better at pho avina, but there are bigger pieces of pate and pork and ham *jamon* at da vangs. these were sliced REALLY thin. not bad thin, but overall i liked the more rustic ones at da vangs.

          i'd be willing to try it again and have more items off the menu.

          ps - glad you liked my suggestion - im trying to figure out how to get to orange table to have the coffee syrup drink with vanilla on your recommendation :D