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Apr 20, 2007 01:41 PM

Le Creuset missing a handle

Here's an odd one. I was walking home from work and saw an old Le Creuset Dutch oven sitting on the curb (this is Brooklyn--I've found stranger things believe me). It was white and in pretty good shape. The only problem is it didn't have a handle on the top. After I cleaned it up I shoved a chopstick up through the hole where the handle used to be (so the wider side of the chopstick would become wedged on the bottom side). While this worked it wasn't very pleasing to the eye so I went to Anthropologie and bought a beautiful white dresser knob and screwed it in. It matched the white ceramic perfectly (this is an old style Le Creuset- it has a domed top, not the concentric circles like the ones I've seen elsewhere).

This worked and looked great for awhile but last night while braising some chicken in tarragon and wine I lifted the top off and the knob seperated from the lid...nearly crashing into my glass oven door (yikes!) The heat from the oven loosened the glue that held the screw into the ceramic of the handle.

My question is--where can I get a new handle? And (or) is there any glue that would withstand a 500-degree oven because that handle I bought looks so much nicer than what Le Creuset will give me (boring black--and I've read those fall off too).

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  1. Any shop which sells Le Creuset can order you a new knob, I have done it. You might even check their website. Specify knob not handle, they may think you are lookig for a wooden replacement handle for one of the skillets

    1. I had to replace a handle recently as a result of dropping the lid into the sink and breaking it. I bought one at

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        Oooooo...thanks! They even have the stainless steel handles (not as nice as mine but it'll work).

      2. I think even Le Creuset's knobs are only rated to 450 degrees.

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          The new matte black creuset sold in Canada has stainless steel handels. The shop I used to work at sold them seperatly.

        2. I would replace the knob with one that can take a higher heat. You can stop in most hardware stores and find a stainless steel knob that will fit.

          1. I have a great Le Creuset dutch oven from a yard sale, and after about a years use the handle got wobbly and loose. I called Le C, and they shipped me a new one for free - remember the lifetime warranty.

            If you dont like the look of the Le C knob, hit a hardware store and look at knobs for cabinetry.