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Apr 20, 2007 01:41 PM

Quick Review: Fry Bread House - Phoenix

Six of us Phoenix Hounds met this afternoon at Fry Bread House on 7th Avenue, just north of Indian School Road in Phoenix. The attendees were myself, HomeCookKirsten, tastyjon, azhotdish, silverbear and grrlscout.

I will let the others chime in about their experiences, but I ordered the Fry Bread Special which was a large fry bread and a choice of a bowl of red chile, green chile, hominy stew or vegetarian stew. I selected the red chile.

I was surprised at how quickly my order came out. I would estimate less than 5 minutes, even with the interior stuffed full of patrons and lots of people standing in line to order.

Once I got to the table, I tore off some of the fry bread, dunked it into the chile and the spice immediately hit my tongue and throat on my first bite. It was excellent. The meat was incredibly tender and the spice level was high, but very enjoyable. The fry bread was very good. It was piping hot and fresh. I liked how light it was considering its size.

The special and a large Diet Coke set me back $7.98. Service was straightforward. I stood in line, placed my order and took a seat until they called my name. No complaints.

Well, except that they didn't have a cheese crisp.

Thanks to the other Hounds that showed up. I wish I could have stayed longer, but the office was paging me and I had to return to work. I hope to get a chance to visit with grrlscout and azhotdish again since they were at a separate table.

Great meet up, all! Good food, good conversation, and good times!

Fry Bread House
4140 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013

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  1. Nice to meet you all...definitely too short, we'll have to do it again when there aren't other priorities to attend to.

    I ordered the green chili beef taco and a Diet Coke - the meat was very tender, a little spicy (but not too much to overpower the flavor of the meat) and excellent. Their fry bread is great, light (what calories???) and airy and piping hot. How can you go wrong with that combo - red meat, something fried, and cheese? ;) I love FBH.

    It was my first time for lunch and I will definitely return - I barely sat down before they called my name.

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    1. re: azhotdish

      I wish I worked closer. Oh well. I'll work from home next time so I can make it. :)

    2. Nice to meet everyone as well! Sorry I was late :c ( azhotdish got to hear me winge about second-guessing my sense of direction, to my detriment.

      I got the special too, but with the veggie beef soup. The first time I went, I got it with the green chile chili and it was a bit too hot. But the soup was a bit blah. I hope they have something in-between.

      And I *still* didn't get a dessert frybread. Maybe some day I'll get smart, and eat lunch at my desk, then head to FBH for a late afternoon treat.

      1. how could you guys have passed on the fry bread with honey & powdered sugar?????

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        1. re: ccl1111

          It was SO fun meeting everyone!! FBH was great as always, and the orders did come out quite fast today.

          I got the Vegetarian Taco, which is a fry bread shell with refried beans, green chili, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Plus I doused it with the hot sauce (I like it HOT).

          I most likely won't be hungry for dinner, and I did have to skip breakfast in preparation, but it is WELL worth every calorie.

          It was so great meeting some chowhounds!

          1. re: ccl1111

            Constraints of time more than appetite. It's on my list for next time.

          2. I had the supreme - or whatever they called it. A big, gooey, mess of everything - beans, cheese, sour cream + the green chile which was supplemented with hot sauce.

            Like others mentioned, I was also suprised at the quick service (after seeing other reviews). Also with the bread's lightness. Thick, but not like a thick chewy pizza dough. And while some of it soaked up the sauces, I had plenty of crunchy crust which was used to dip, scoop and enjoy the slurry... knives and forks be damned (if possible).

            I didn't find the green chile very hot, but then again my standard for judging was cultivated in New Mexico, where "good/hot" borders on "pain/bodily harm."

            Overall, great. As a caution to potential visitors, however, it's tight on seating so be wary of this should you invite 20 office workers out for lunch - we learned even 6 can be tough to seat together.

            But we had a great time and I look forward to more adventures.

            1. I had not visited the Fry Bread House since its previous location on Indian School Road. That means, I'm embarrassed to say, that I hadn't been there in many years. The prospect of returning to FBH, coupled with the opportunity to meet a few regulars on this board, made this a worthwhile trek for lunch today.

              Like HCK, I ordered the vegetarian taco, although I omitted the sour cream (an ingredient I've never really cared for.) The taco came with refried beans, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, and green chiles. As mentioned by tastyjon, the green chile was mild, so I used the container of hot sauce at the table to rev up my taco. See the dramatic before-and-after photos below!

              The taco was delicious -- even better than I remembered. The fry bread was not greasy, and the ratio of filling to fry bread was just right. As others have observed, food arrived at the counter quite promptly.

              One observation: I am often an advocate for lighter, more healthful eating. Nevertheless, I had no issues with the food at FBH. I ate all my filling and about three quarters of the bread and would have gone in on a shared dessert taco had we not had to disperse in order to return to our respective workplaces. Maybe it's because I eat a lot of falafel, another fried carbohydrate, but the fry bread just was not the gut-bomb I had been led to fear. I know that fry bread is somewhat controversial as a potential cause of obesity, diabetes, etc. among Native American populations. Nevertheless, I think an occasional meal at FBH is fine.

              Given my contentment with today's lunch, I'll definitely not wait as long before my next meal there.

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              1. re: silverbear

                I know that fry bread is somewhat controversial as a potential cause of obesity, diabetes, etc. among Native American populations. Nevertheless, I think an occasional meal at FBH is fine.


                Everything in moderation, eh? I'll tell ya this though, the fry bread chefs down at San Xavier are NOT good advertisements for the health benefits of their product!

                1. re: werewolf

                  if you get the one with honey and powdered sugar, it counteracts the fat in the fry bread so it's basically like eating celery!